Sunday, December 5, 2010

Suckage of Sunday

So..yeah. Normally I just kind of relax, if I can, and take the day slow and try to just enjoy it without being bored. (I get bored easily, which is not a good thing).

Got a last-minute-offer to head out and get some laundry done for free (yay! I haven't been to the laundromat in roughly 6 weeks. Saved over 60$ so far in laundry-expenses.)
But this also means no real artwork gets done.
So, while watching the season-finale of The Walking Dead (a perk of doing laundry at my roomy's friend's place is tv..and AMC, no less), I quick-did some sketch work of some more Nightcrawler.

I had the fore-sight to bring my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet with me..but I don't have the room in a recliner to get everything working well. A by-product of trying to get things to fit and work, is that I learned that if I put my tablet over the in-laid keyboard of my laptop, it really messes up the stylus-tracking..either the receiver, the transponder, or both.

Anyhow.. here we go. A lil colour added, and some more Nightcrawler.

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