Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wary Wishing

We've all been told ot be careful what we wish for, as it might come true.

Well, there's a fella named Nate Cos...hmm. I'm going to have to look up his actual last name.
Well, on twitter, he's @NateCosBOOM..and he's got this weekly thing of #NateWouldLikeToSee kind of thing, and people doodle it up and send him a link, and he picks the top 7 that he likes.

Well, he posted something about changing/redesigning SuperBoy's costume.
I did a thing about Superman a while ago..  ...and in our day & age of 'anything goes' and 'don't you dare judge me'... here's SuperBoi. ... Careful what you wish for Nate.. you can't un-see something ^_^


and unlined: (uncleaned, too.. I just took the lines layer off.. should've cleaned it up)

Yep, I'm a jerk.

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