Saturday, September 4, 2010

Catching up

Yeah, so I think this (being technically a second post in one day) is getting me caught up for having a late post the other day.

While I'm still working on a few images, it's nice to have some things I can pull out (when I remember them) and use.

The following image is a 3d-render of McPedro from Girls with Slingshots. Girls with Slingshots is a webcomic done by the talented Danielle Corsetto. While the comic is generally safe-for-work (i.e., has clean humour, usually) it does deal with adult situations and relationships.
Some of the ads on the site (hey, the girl's gotta make money, right?) are definately not safe-for-work [NSFW]. 
I created this image using CB Model Pro - a free 3d rendering program, and it's fairly intuitive, almost like working with clay or plastecine. Unfortunately, it's quite a resource-pig (on my laptop, at least, and I'm using an intel 2.0ghz duo-core, a 256Mb video card with an additional 1gig of available video, and 2Gb of ram)
I made the dirt in the pot in all of about 45 seconds. Like I said, the program is quite intuitive. A few revisions and CB Model Pro could easily give Maya/3DS Max a run for simple rendering tasks.

We don't often see McPedro anymore.. but there's been hints of a comeback. Huzzah for talking irish-cacti, with mustaches!

Third time's the charm?

Or, you know, not.
Again, late post. This is becoming a habit, but hopefully not.
Was watching Lar deSouza doing his Ustream (lartist-at-work) and lost track of the time.

A simple bunny in a field of grass. Notice the fangs? I had the thought of a book I had read in grade-school.. something about Bunnicula.
Find it.. it's a good little series of books, especially if your kids like animals, and the vampire fable.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Second Entry

Such the original title, ehn?
Whatever works, works.

Today was a bit of a wash..though I got one more postcard done, after taking entirely too long (in my opinion) to get the roughs how I liked them before putting any actual work on the postcard.

If I'm not fairly certain of how things look in my head, I doodle out various things on paper before penciling them out on the postcards. The postcards are Watercolour Studio paper by Fabriano.
Cold Pressed (have a rough texture) with a weight of 300g/m2\140.lbs. I've been informed that, for the work I'm doing, I should have gone with Hot Pressed paper, and the weight is just fine. How any of this equates to the technical aspect, I have no idea.
What I *do* know is this: A second, or third pass with a copic marker (such a wonderful thing, I've worked far too long without these darlings) will bleed through to the back of the postcard - not exactly a desired effect. Still, as with most things I do, it's trial & error, live & learn.

SO.. because today was a bit of a wash, creatively speaking.. I'm posting another postcard I've done. It's actually part of my portfolio now. What this means is that I'm satisfied with the work on it enough to include it. The picture posted is a bit fuzzy, so it's not showing the crispness of the lines, but it does show the shading effects much better than the other pic I have of it.

Long weekend coming up. Oh, and if anyone out there knows who Lar deSouza is, his Ustream is friday nights, starting at 8pm EST (-5GMT). In order to keep the spambots out, if you want to chat, you have to be registered. The man is a wealth of friendly information and techniques and just amazing art.

Note: It's now technically the next day..which means Thursday has no post, but Friday'll have 2. Had some issues with the link working properly, which is why it's being posted at 10 after Midnight.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Post

I recently turned 31.
This may not seem like much of anything to most of you.. but for some reason, it had considerably more impact to me than when I turned `the big 3-0`.
A friend of mine turned 30 and took up running. Something twinged off in her brain, and she decided a change was due. While I can use a change, I figured I would do a drawing-a-day for a year.

Today is September 1st, 2010.
So, working on the assumption that the status quo is maintained, or improves, I plan on posting something I've either hand-drawn or done on my tablet, an image a day, for a year. As well as whatever rambles course through my head and get typed out here.

Welcome to the beginning of the ride. Buckle up, it could get bumpy.
Most know me as SeirX. `KonkBonckles` is another term for random oddities.
"What's that? - Oh, it's just a bunch of konkbonckles.. don't worry about it. - Oh, okay"
kind of stuff.

Please note :  Unless otherwise stated, all images are created by me. All rights reserved, not to be used, reproduced or otherwise manipulated without my explicit consent.
There is a fair bit of theft, especially online. If anyone notices some other page using my art, please let me know.

This image is from a series of postcards I'm doing in a theme of  "Wish you were here... Instead of me."

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