Friday, September 17, 2010

Still Trending

Okay, I've said I don't normally pay attention to trending topics and the general garbage that passes for `news` these days... but I'm really digging this whole MrvlCats thing.
Some really great stuff out there. Well, great in my opinion, anyhow.

I've done another one.. I don't think anyone's got this out here's Ghost Kitty!.. err.. Kitty Rider?.. Ghost-Rider-as-a-Cat.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trending? Tiring.

While I don't normally follow trends.. sometimes they catch my interest.
For the moment, there's a twitter-trend going on about Marvel-Cats.. basically, artists are drawing Marvel Comic Characters as cats.

Nobody likes Blob, the corpulant strong-man of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
So I did a #MrvlCat of Blob. His costume was surprisingly sparse. basically a black/dark-coloured wrestler's singlet, maybe some boots, or gloves/wristguards..and that's it. Poor Blob.. no big-time villain-costume for you.

Anyhow.. here's what I've got, whipped up in about a half-hour. I'm thinking there's something wrong with my transparent-texture-layers.. but maybe it's just me.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Titles aren't easy to think of sometimes.

Should I make unique titles for each post? I had thought about simply numbering them.. you know, like `Post #1, Post #2, Post #C` and the like.. but..not very descriptive, now is it?

Anyhow.. I've got 2 postcards almost set to go, almost ready to be mailed out.

Here's a teaser pic of part of the roughed-out idea for one of them. If Lar deSouza reads this at all (I assume he does not), this might give him some idea of what he's soon to receive.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too far

Everyone knows someone who takes things that one-step (or sometimes several leaps & bounds) too far when they get together and hang out.

For some reason, it appears that there's a good chunk of Fanboys/Fangirls who go miles and miles too far when it comes to their object of admiration(or obsession, take your pick).

Having been made aware that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America.. I thought.. man! Can you imagine if he was a) real and 2) what the fanboys would do??

So, we've got the image below.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Pick a side, get sliced by the fence

Ninjas! Pirates! Cowboys!(boooo!)
Pick a side, it seems. With the over-use of the term `epic` by today's kids.. Ninjas and Pirates and Zombies, oh my.. all are `epic` and amazing and you gotta pick one.. always one or the other. I opt for option G), All of the above, thank you kindly.

SO.. I had done some ninja kittens and bunnies.. and now we've got a trio of pirate-bunnies.
That reminds me.. there's a `talk like a pirate day`.. where's `move like a ninja day` ??



I thought I posted something for today (the 12th) already.. and apparently I didn't.

So, quick, here's something... some oranges in a frosted bowl on a wood-grain table, in my trial-version of Maya3D. That lousy `watermark`(stamp) is mangling the image, but you can still plainly see it well enough.


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