Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roughed out idea

Someone who follows me on twitter had put forth a request from someone else about how to draw something like what's below.

Granted, I'm going with an older style, something that might have actually existed back then, should someone have thought to create it.
When it's done, I'll post the finished image, but it's coming upon another day, and I have to get a post in.
Have to. No more of this missing days because I'm not paying attention.

So, yeah.. it's just roughed out.. slowly refining it. Eventually it'll be refined enough to line, ink and colour. But I doubt I'll get that done before midnight strikes.

So, for now, let your imagination run, and enjoy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yeah, it's an art alright

Stripping. It's an `adult` thing alright.
Burlesque.. lots of folks figure it's the same thing. It's not. Those people are wrong.
Burlesque is an art.. dance, tease and movement. I've never seen a stripper (and I've not seen many, mind you) have nearly as much fun as some of the performers I've seen in a burlesque show. (and I've not seen many of them either, mind you).

A step-down from those are the Pin-Up girls. Today's `pin ups` are basically a half-step away from soft-core porn, and that's a freakin shame. I really miss the days of the World War 2 -era-style Pin Up. The girls you'd see painted on bombers and other large sky-planes.

Today's an attempt at a pin-up. I've never done one.. drawing women is hard for me. I can do monsters, men, machines.. all hard-line objects. Women, babies, children, animals.. soft-line objects. Something I keep working on, and will probably never be happy with, no matter what anyone says.
Also playing with `must use more layers`
Almost every thing is on it's own layer. Lines on one, skin tone on another, tanktop & short-shorts on another, hair on it's own, etc etc.
Speaking of hair.. I decided, not sure why.. to go with the 80's Huge-Poof.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm a light sleeper unless I'm really exhausted.
So, yeah.. with 2 neighbours who have small children that screech instead of talk, stomp instead of walk, run instead of move.. I don't get a whole lot of sleep. Include a call last night around 12-12:30 to see if I would drive people out to the other end of the next nearest city so they can go to work instead of the man doing it himself, and earning himself another reprimand on his record because of tardiness (seriously, just make them take the train already.. but I'm being reasonably-cranky here)..I said I'd do it.

Now.. I normally don't fall asleep until around 1 or 2.. it's bad. I can go to bed at any time.. but I'll just be awake. Finally fell asleep around 2:30, only to wake up at 3, because I had to be up for 1/4 to 6. Stupid internal alarmclock..I'm sending you back to the manufacturer! Hope it's still under warranty, otherwise I'll have to MacGuyver it.

So..yeah.. I'm pretty whipped.. and while I could draw something up and post it..I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to post an emblem design I had submitted for a contest, the idea was to use only 2 colours, and make a simple design that could be a hero or villain's emblem. Something for a shield, a chest, a cape or flag, something like that. Nothing too intricate. Where you see white would be transluscent.
So I went with something really simple. I didn't win - I also submitted it 3 minutes past the deadline without realizing it. Took me all of about 5 minutes to make this in Illustrator. Gotta love vector-art.

Something fresh and new tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animal Spy

Not sure if I got it submitted in time..

Any of you know who Bobby Chiu is? I guess the most recent of his national/international works is some of the critters in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Yep, Mr. Chiu is the creator of a good deal of the critters in that movie.

Anyhow.. there's the Chiustream(Mr.Chiu's ustream), Imaginism Studios..and various contests on

So, with the daily topic being `animal spies`..this is what I came up with.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Works in Progress

Supposedly, there are a couple of types of people.. one set start something, finish it, start something else - not interrupting the project they're currently working on. The other set, starts multiple projects, finishing one of the many on-the-go long after it would normally have been finished if it was the sole-focus of the person.

Which one are you?
I seem to flip flop between the two. For example, the below image is something I'm working on, but plan on working on slowly.. a bit here, a bit there..I may even wind up finishing it under Corel Painter Essentials, though I'm not sure if I'm where I want to be, skill-wise, with that program to do what's in my head justice.

I've been playing Red Dead Revolver for a while..and while drawing, or napping when I take them, listening to the audio-book of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Both have at least one thing in common : a Clint Eastwood-esque protagonist.

So, below is the rough outline of something I plan on finishing, bit by bit, over the next few months.
Two sasparillas, and a popkin, please.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last of the #MrvlCats ?

Okay... I think I'm done doing MrvlCats for now.

Once upon a time, Marvel published G.I.Joe comics.
Almost everybody and their `special` cousin Goober loves Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow.

So.. today we've got Stormkitty and Kitten-Eyes.
I put some blind faith in the Copic Ciao markers to colour this : only had 12 colours to work with, as well as my grey (c3) and black(100) Copic Sketcher markers. I am much-love-having for the Sketch markers.. they `layer` or `shade` better than the Ciao markers do. This was done on Bee Paper Company's  Artists's Marker Pad..and surprisingly, they did the Ciao's a good deal of wonder, with some potential for layer/shading overtop a dried line. On regular paper, the Ciao's just remain single-colour, no layering/shading available.

I could've done this in photoshop.. but there's something about working on paper..with something you can't erase.. that just.. it's like playing poker for money, instead of just for fun. It brings out your teeth, you *have* to do better than normal, because now it counts, if that makes sense.
For the nitpicky, yes, there's some marker overlap, and you can see the strokes, they're not overly even. How I wish I had a paint-bucket tool for real-life sometimes. 8P
I'd love to get ahold of this Manga Studio thing I'm hearing about - basically a photoshop for artists. (Photoshop is.. duh.. for photos, afterall.. people just use it for more)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 for 1 (pt.II) here's the second image as promised.

Yes, I might not always post something every day - but I am drawing, or at least formulating drawings, every day. I'm still plotting in my head a `Left 4 Halo` mash-up.. basically, 4 space marines(from halo) in the left4dead universe.

Friday night was Lar's Ustream(the Larstream!)..and he was doing some MrvlCats ...he did a Fantastic Fur vs. Dogtor Doom... and I've had a Doom Kitty.. or, if you prefer, a Kitten Von Doom in my head.
Sometime finding decent reference material can be hard.. there's plenty of Dr.Doom images online..but what I was looking for wasn't readily available - a full-body, or 80%-body shot. That gives you the head, face, body, costume..the majority of the entire critter. LOTS of facial close-ups and lots of far-away(and very cartoony) shots.. I wound up finding something that was quite suitable, which is always nice.

And yes, I'm still working on doing simple, suitable backgrounds.. I think I'm *starting* to get the hang of it.. I'm too `busy` with my stuff.. the simple things are a bit too deep for me at time. *sigh*

Awww..frig. Now that I'm looking at it.. I think I should have made the right(left) hand bigger.

2 for 1

I was out late last night, socializing, which is something I don't do very often.
Hence why there was no post last night.
But there'll be 2 today. So here's the first, keeping in the vein of the #MrvlCats on Twitter, and the blog
 " AgentMLovesTacos ".

Beware, the crafty cunning of Lokitty! Someone run and tell the Meowty Thor (as done by Lar deSouza)

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