Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another double-post

Double posts will happen for a couple reasons, the main two being that I'm out being sociable, or that I've got more work that I want to share and don't want to wait for the next day to roll around.

Yesterday was some kind of sociable. Met a couple new people, drank some, drank some, drank some, ate some, drank some more..played rockband2. I wouldn't call it `good` conversation, but it was full of laughter and better than average, I suppose. I don't like to call things `good` when I think about them. Not much of anything is really `good`. And yet, like the mass populace, I use it too often, too liberally and far too generously. Much like `love` and `hate`.. used for things that don't even come into the same time-zone as what those words truly mean.. "I love a good steak" is an example of using those words with a truckload of hyperbole. I like a well-cooked steak. But I don't love it.

First image:
Playing around with some halloween ideas.. more to come as the day rolls closer, and the radio and billboards and other media start advertising their one-day-wares.

And the next one..well, I decided to start messing around in Adobe Illustrator.. I wanted to make some vector-art halloween cookies.. and figured I'd save that for something closer to the end of the month.
So.. this is what I made instead. Not entirely certain what it is.. but I like it.


Friday, October 8, 2010

No post tonight

But there'll be a double-post to make up for it tomorrow.

Doing that `being socialable outside the domicile` thing again. I don't forsee being back before midnight to get anything posted, and nothing's as finished as I want it to be to post.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alpha & Quitmega

I've got a `sketchpad`.. it's really a Bee Paper Company's Artist Marker Pad, but I use it for sketches, and I've got a couple of pages that I test out new markers on.

I picked up some Prismacolour markers the other day. I was looking for some extra Copic Ciao's to broaden the colour range I have from a pre-set box.. and noticed that the Prismacolour's were about half the price-per-marker. So I thought I'd give them a shot.

Copic Sketcher markers are the most expensive I've bought - and the best. They `layer` very well, meaning, you can lay down a streak, wait about 2 seconds, and lay down a crossing streak, and where the 2 meet, becomes a shade darker, and stays darker.

Copic Ciao markers are less expensive than the Sketcher's.. and not quite as good. The `layering` isn't anywhere in the same ballpark for viability as the Sketcher's are.. but they'll still do it, you just may have to go over the area a 3rd time instead of a 2nd. I find the markers are dark to begin with, and only get much darker with a second or third pass.

The Prismacolour Premier markers are nice.. do a better layering job than the Copic Ciao's.. and I find the fine-tip to be better suited for exact-and-tiny uses than the Ciao's or Sketcher's fine tips. With a steady-enough hand, the Copic's are fine for detail work.. but the Premier's are really spot-on for dot-sized efficiency. The Large/Broad tip is almost as good as the Large/Broad tip of the Copic's (both of them).

I also tried out a silver & a gold `metallic` marker by Prismacolour. Like a stubborn spraypaint-can, I had to shake the booboojeebies out of them to get the tip to fill with ink. After that though, worked like a charm. No layering, but man, if you want SILVER or GOLD to stand out boldly against whatever you're using, they worked quite well, catching the light but not messing with the colour.. almost matting it, but not quite.

The following is something I finished in Photoshop.. the symbol is something I literally whipped off in my sketchpad testing a marker out. Broken arrow-aside, I think it was all of 3 snaps of my wrist and there it was. It reminds me of an almost-mangled Alpha-Omega sign, only the Omega isn't a proper Omega sign, I know. If I didn't already have a signature, I'd start using this symbol, I think. I like it that much.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here be Dragons

Okay.. I had an idea earlier of what I wanted to paint.. and then I forgot it when I sat down to paint.
All this is, is a reinforcement that I have to start writing down thoughts and ideas to create.
I know it had something to do with trying more pinup forms..but that's about it.

So instead.. I did this.
Curled up, trying to sleep.. but sleeping with one eye open, as dragons must. It's those pesky, lousy, verminous `heroes`...always trying to free some supposed captured maiden, or loot their hard-earned hoard.
Who's to say the maiden didn't choose to be with the dragon? We all know some girl who has a very silly/soft spot for the `bad boy`..and what's badder than a dragon you're annoying.. really?

Anyhow.. here's one simple curled up dragon. Watching you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A turn is a turn, even if it's a round

Today was rainy. It's still rainy. Light enough to notice it's daytime.. but dark and gloomy and definitely the onset of Autumn. I like Autumn..but not in the city. Outside the urban..even suburban areas, the trees change, the animals are a bit more active, scurrying to finish winter preparations..there's a change in the world, and you can smell it in the air. The world is about to turn an old familiar corner, into hibernation and cold.

I had thought about doing a gray, depressing rainy picture..but then I thought..naw, the day's already gloomy enough. Let's go with some a-typical `water colours`.. blues and greens.. airbrush them against a deep-gold background with some flecked grey, and some scraping-tool rain gashes against an ocean-depth sky. Sometimes, in a really good storm, you can look into the sky and see sheets of water being whipped in waves through the air as the storm barrels through. It always fascinates me to see what is thought of as one-domain's ownership being used in like-manner in another's.. such as the waves of the sea, curling, waving.. but in a storm, rain drops being whipped across the air hard enough that they form their own aerial waves.


Monday, October 4, 2010

When in doubt..

Go back to the `olde standard` way of doing things until you've fixed out your crooked ways and can shoot straight again.

The below is another attempt at a pinup-style girl. Back to some of the most very basic of art things to do. If this doesn't help me out, I'm not quite sure anything will. ...I know one thing that will help me improve : saving more often. Corel Painter Essentials 4 crashed on me when I was about 60-70% done. Frustrating.

Anyone else ever wishing they had a paintbucket-tool when they're colouring/painting on an actual canvas/piece of paper/etc ?

I will admit : the hands and feet kind of freak me out. They don't look `normal`..even though I was painting a real live girl. Ahh, the human body.. so wonderfully warped and from the right angles, completely un-human.
I'm reminded of a quote.. something about how it is in our differences, we find camraderie ...or something..

Anyhow.. enjoy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The White Stuff

...and havng typed the title.. I no have Weird Al Yankovic's parody of the New Kids On The Block song going through my head. Gotta love Oreo cookies.

So, the pose isn't what I originally had in mind..but as I tried to capture it, it kept changing on this turned out a bit different than I originally thought. How often does that happen to other artists I wonder?
After coming to a design on the pose..I thought, maybe a background of pillows to show that she's reclining on her side a bit.. but no.. that didn't work as planned either.

Nothing so bizarrely malleable as a train-of-thought, I suppose. Sometimes it works out into wonderful things..sometimes not.

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