Saturday, October 30, 2010

Uhm.. yeah

I know I said today's entry would be halloween-y.. and it's not..or is it?

No, not really. The plan is to double-post tomorrow. Today got away from me, time-wise for creating what I want.

So.. for now, you get this. Tomorrow'll be a double-post of Halloween-y goodness.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Okay.. first off, yesterday's post crapped out. I know enough HTML/CSS to build pages and create sites and the whole thing.. so I'm surprised the stinking post input the html code instead of just making the SketchOHolic text as a link.

Yes, I know, you can do all that from the toolbar..but I like doing things myself.

Anyhow.. entry: theme: man, woman, rhino.
So here we go.. old-school circus fun.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's post

is yet another contest-entry over on <a href=""></a>.

The theme was `bump`. I could've come up with some other things.. and then it occured to me.. what if it's a bump we all have to deal with, never want, but obsess over? We all gets bumps & bruises.. but we don't obsess over them.... well, most of us anyhow.

So.. here's what we have.
Little more than an hour.
Keeping in mind the SketchOholic daily contests are designed to be done in an hour or less..or as long as it takes (inside 24hours, of course, they are daily) to finish the piece.
Think I'm getting quicker at going from what I've got in my head to getting the rough down.. and the roughs are becoming more accurate as I go.. of course, now that I've said(well, typed) that.. I'll probably hit a dry spell of frustration..but it'll go away as quickly as it comes, I'm sure.

I want to do more gradual colour blending.. but the human eye can only distinguish so much..and eventually it'd be hard to tell where it starts and stops being one colour or the next... which, in theory, is the ideal.. but to look at it.. doesn't always work out so well.

Late but finished

Okay.. it's later than I thought, but it's done.

No eyebrows. Why? Because I didn't want to give her eyebrows. Who says elven-type critters have to have eyebrows??

Anyhow.. here it is:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another late entry

But at least I'm not the only one behind on the clock here. An artist I admire (and mentor-from-afar that he doesn't know he's doing..I think).. is running late on his own deadlines.

Sometimes these things happen.

There's a couple pieces I could put up, but what I'm working on right now is what I want to put up, and it's not close to being done yet. Though, with how I work it'll probably be up not too long after the midnight deadline.

Soon enough, you'll get to see what I'm working on. Started late, so of course it'll be late. *sigh*

Sorry folks.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What can you do in 10 minutes?

You can bake some pre-made bread, eat an icecream cone, enjoy a mug tea, have sex twice (using average times of 4 minutes..including 2 minutes to cuddle-thanks for the stats, Harvard), watch the sun supernova and wait for it to incinerate the earth, check your email (but not really respond to any of it).. all sorts of interesting things.

What we got below is what I've done in 10 minutes while watching some episodes of House.
One of the great things abour drawing random critters is.. they can look however you want them to.
Sure, dude's got small ears and big sunglasses.. but maybe those aren't really the dude's (dudette?thing?) ears.. maybe they're really it's olfactory organs, and the `nose` is really it's eyes. Though that doesn't give the sunglasses much to do where they are now does it?

Kinda got an idea for that whole afro image I wanted to do.. getting some starter junk out of the way.
Remember.. for every 1 good picture, is 1000 horrible pictures. Get the 1000 out of the way and enjoy the 1.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It figures

and it does. How often do you find yourself beset with some task..and before you even begin, you've got a good idea of how it's going to end..or that various things are going to happen before it ends?

I find that happens to me far too often. People are predictably unpredictable, after all. But it's not just people. Animals, weather, plants.. enough observation and you can, to a certain degree of accuracy, guesstimate what's going to happen.

For example, I have somewhere to go tomorrow.. I walk most places. I thought to myself.. because I want to look presentable when I get there.. it's probably going to rain.
Check the weather network and whammo.. 80% chance of precipitation. 80% chance to get rained on.
Now, thankfully, I live in a big enough city, it can still rain and miss me. But I'd still feel better if that 80 was a 40 or lower.

So.. Halloween draws nearer... what's one thing you usually.. well, okay, I'm dating myself here.. used to see at Halloween?


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day in... out. Same old same old and it gets worse a little more with each day.

You'd think with all my `free time`(you know, looking for a job, applying to various places, making phone calls and sending emails), I'd be more productive.. re-teach myself from my textbooks how to program, make actionscript work so I can make Flash-games and spend some time with my bass, amp-cranked-to-eleven-bay-bee!.. but no.

Being unemployed is oddly taxing on your energy, drive and general will to just wake up before noon. (I still wake up before noon, save for the weekend sometimes)

Maybe I could spend more time on my art, instead of whipping stuff off in less than 2 hours from blank-slate-mind to thought-forming-ideas to `finished` pieces. Maybe I could take up jogging. Maybe I could..
No. I like routine.. not mind-numbing routine, but routine. Lets me plan around it. There's a reason kids need structure..and people crave a routine of some sort. They have a goal to drive towards, unwind when it's time, and repeat. Having little but time to unwind.. `work` at acquiring work.. isn't like a job.. it's like some kind of weird prison-sentence.

Okay.. enough rambling for now. Picture time!

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