Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's a saturday.. so, there'll probably be a late post (technically, double-post-sunday)

But whyyyyyyyyy you cry/whine/plead? Because I'm playing some poker.
I've already got my rough roughed out, am trying a different thingy, and am enjoying a lil break.

So, yeah, this isn't going to be one of those `done in less than 90minutes` deals. Because I'm taking a break.
Granted, I've only put in about 15 minutes worth of time on it (including conception)..and it's all being done in fine-tip-pen(well, digital "fine-tip-pen-brush"), which is really.. kinda like drawing/painting in.. marker.. to me. Yet the marker-brush behaves differently than I expect.. more like a leaky/blendable...colour-bleeding-leech, actually.. brush.

It's currently 10:04pm, so depending on how good or bad I do in my poker game, and how fast I work, I might actually have something up in time.. but I'm betting on my pokerskills to put me at least to 11, maybe 1130 before I crap out (I *am* playing against 5000 other people here..well, online). So.. yeah, we'll see what happens, but don't count on a finished piece being up before midnight.

"But you've put up roughs before" you say? Well, yes I have.. for a reason. Normally I like to put up things that I consider to be finished, and some roughs are simply that - roughs, and nothing more.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Astral Geekery

Astral, as in Astronomy.
I found out a while ago that apparently Pluto is no longer considered a planet by a bunch of eggheads who decided to go screwing with the last 100+ years astrological science and scholastic teaching.
Pluto will always be a planet to me, it's just how it is. Last I recall, moons orbit planets, and the sun is a star, no a planet - stars having planets that orbit them.. but hey, what do I know, I'm not some egghead goof who wants to go messing with a century-plus of publicly taught knowledge. Maybe soon enough there won't be any planets at all.. just stars and their variably-sized orbiting space-thingies (because they can't all be moons, now can they? Can a moon have it's own moon?..yeah, that last ? is a serious one, I don't have an answer to it, and I'm not going to google it, either.)

I've been watching some Farscape on dvd today and that opening sequence where Crichton is shot through the wormhole.. I love it. Why? Because nobody's ever really seen a wormhole.. only things they think might be wormholes.. and the effects used on Crichton's ship are kinda nifty, like the thing is some sort of liquous membrane that is stripped off his ship as it exists the other side. Not the typical Stargate gloop!hole or shiny weird tunnel a la Sliders (yeah, I liked that show when it was on.. very nifty concept, too bad it never really took off. Way ahead of it's sci-fi time, IMO)

Anyhow.. space is still a type of landscape, at least, as far as I'm concerned.. so here's a slow-moving, nearly-dormant (and thus almost explorable) blackhole. (and no, I don't know all the technical crap about blackholes or space..and I don't want to know.. not until I start writing fiction that involves them, anyhow..the best lies contain certain amounts of truth, after all.. and fiction is a nicer term than lies)

Larger scale this time, 1024X786...768? of them.. keeping with 600ppi. Done completely with digital-airbrush and large-flaky-airbrush.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 minutes or it's free

Well, that used to be certain pizza place's slogan.. now it's something like 40 minutes, or they revoke it when it rains, snows or the sun shines..or they've removed the tag altogether. Which is sad. Ah well.

So, I started painting tonight at 10pm (EST)..and wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Cityscape seems okay.., and if I lived near the brow, might even have gone outside or opened a window to get some perspective, but no, I live all I get is grime, crime and `the true heart of the city`.

So, this is nothing more than some simple thick acrylic brush, digital airbrush and some 2B pencil brush in Corel Painter Essentials 4. Done in about 20 minutes (if I type much more I'm going to go over the 30minutes hurdle).. just a rough, really rough (as evidenced via the blue roughsketch lines) idea for a `from a hillside` or `balcony` perspective of a city.

(made it: 29minutes)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Under time!

Hah!! 5 minutes! Eat THAT, self-imposed time limits!

Jean Grey : Phoenix, anybody?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Polarbears in a snowstorm

I remember years ago, highschool art class, we had a teacher who was .. well, in recollection, a teacher.
Nothing amazing or awesome happened in that class.. it's an art class in an underfunded highschool. We did the whole `draw a tree` and `draw a portrait from a picture` thing.. we also had a few `creative freedom` classes, where we could paint or draw whatever we wanted.
There was one rule though : No polarbears in a snowstorm.
What that meant is, you can't just turn in a blank piece of paper, claiming it to be something.

Seriously though.. have you ever just looked at a winter landscape?
No trees, no rocks, just snow and ice. There's plenty of blues and greys and off-whites.
Depending on where the lightsource is, you even get dark shades right down to plain old lightless black.
Amazing stuff to just sit and take in at times.
Winter in a city? Lots of gray and brown and yuck, even the rooftops tend to taint the snow shortly after it's fallen.. snow is almost never just `white`. So how awesome is that?
Now, if you've got a winter forest.. there's even more colour.. and there are still some pants and whatnot that flourish in winter, so now you've got bright colours of berries, leaves and running water through the snowfields.

Speaking of snowfields.. This is a quick (and I mean quick.. maybe half an hour, tops) hilly snowscape, with, yes, the entrance to .. yeti's home? a cave? a kid's amazing snowfort? Superman's secret-backdoor to the Fortress of Solitude? ..whatever.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rule.. whatever

I can never remember what number it's supposed to be. But there's some `rule 34` (I'm just using 34 as an example-number) that basically goes something like, if someone's made it, someone else has made porn out of it.

And that's just kind of horrible. Can you imagine Lego porn? How would that even work!?

SO.. if anyone here reads Looking for Group they'll recognize the below image as a female take on the groups' warlock, Richard. A while ago, during one of his ustreams, Lar deSouza, caricaturist, comic artist, and all-round nice guy, decent human being and laugh-riot, did a `female richard` that became more a cross of Richard and Bunny, only in femme-form. if you've missed it, there was a Showgirl Richard done before this, and it was disturbing enough. But during the creation of that artistic monstrosity, the chatters in channel had brought up how everything has some kind of bizzaro-world porn.

Now, some things seem made if only to be mocked and bent and usurped by fans and other people.. but there's plenty of stuff out there that, when you see someone's twisted take on it you go `Why?!` or, if you're like me, "What is wrong with you!!"

okay.. this is turning into a bit of a rant, and you're not here for a rant (or are you?).. you're here for pictures.
So here you go.

and painted version: As you can see, some changed were made and wow, if colour doesn't just do something else, huhn?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Speedy like Gonzales

Showing my age with some old cartoon reference.. Speedy Gonzales & Slowpoke Rodriguez... I can't remember if they came out shortly after or if it was before Road Runner & Wile.E.Coyote.

Either way.. all the stuff below is some quick rough work, trying to figure out some design elements I'm not sure I want to use for an idea I have brewing.
Each image was done in roughly 1 to 3 minutes.
I still need to work on my proper-boob-formation\location, but I'm getting better at it, I think.
...and no, I'm not using photo reference as I probably should.
For those interested in a non-porn option, helllloo Sears Catalog! Heheheh.

Anyow, it's a very brief insight into how I work. Big face first, little critters and extras came afterwards.
This is one of the few images that isn't set to 800X600, it's a fair size bigger when viewed properly.
If .... if??? No.. WHEN I can replicate the same lines, small shading and details on my tablet that I can do (yes, this image is a bad example) on paper, then I will consider myself comfortably-talented enough with my tablet to wade further into digital arts no longer as a neophyte.
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