Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marvel Madness

So.. okay, I've been out and about today.. and nothing got drawn, painted, sketched or doodled.
I know, I know, how horrible of me. No tablet-access, and no digital camera to get anything I could've sketched out done.

Remember those #MrvlCats that were done a while ago, and took twitter by storm for a few days?

Well, here's a Marvel Villain redone a lil bit.. not a MrvlCat.. a MrvlPenguin..

Pengito.. the Mutant Master of Mackerlism!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Some things bug me.. and they're really stupid things, in the grand scheme of life.

Fallout 3 is a really enjoyable game. It is. But it's not Fallout `Three`. It's Fallout: Washington(or Fallout: East Coast). It doesn't really follow any of the previous Fallout game's storyline or continuity.
Sure, they brought in Harold.. weird that Harold would've made the trek so far east, considering that most of the mid-west is supposed to be a giant radioactive dustbowl full of storms that'll strip cattle to the bone in seconds.

Fallout:New Vegas is really, to me, Fallout Three. It follows much of the same storyline, is close enough to California, holds most of the same clans and factions and issues as Fallout and Fallout 2.. granted, the game's buggy as all get out and should NOT have been released with such issues still at large...but it's an enjoyable game.

To me, Fallout 3 belongs in the realm of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.. it's in the same vein of Fallout, uses many of the lore and factions...but it's not the same thing. (FO:BoS takes place in the Michigan/Illinois\Great Lakes area.. so it's a bit west of FO3, but still). I don't think anyone in their right mind considers Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel to be anything remotely close to a true Fallout game (this abortion of enjoyment is a console button-mash/hack&slash game)

Say what you will.. to me, New Vegas is the true Fallout Three.. and Fallout 3 is more Fallout:East Coast.
But they're both greatly enjoyable games.. if you haven't played them yet.. go play them. But find Fallout & Fallout 2 and play them.. if you can. You'll need an older computer (pre-pentiumIII\gigahertz processor) to play them.. but they're worth playing.

So.. a quick paint-up of one of the NCR's New Vegas Rangers:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The what?

Sometimes life really throws you curve-balls that hit another country altogether. Forget county, province, state, whatever.. country. (though, it might not be so hard in the European Union..but still)

Well, time will show everything, eventually.. though the people involved will probably be long dead and the only ones interested in what happened will be archaelogists who make up their own theories and stories.

So... let's see if we can wait-out the oddness that happened today. And no, I'm not going to share until I know it's a good thing. ..if it's a bad thing.. do you really want to know?
Here's some free advice: If you want to know about bad things that happen to strangers, watch the evening news or read the paper.
Gonna try and focus on the positive.

So.. here's some more oddness for you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They wouldn't have survived The Occupation

Have you ever been angry with someone, so angry you just want them dead, because dead means they'll NEVER bever able to bother you again? I am that angry with my neighbours.

See, I like peace and quiet. Not the noise of domestsic disputes, not the noise of some undisciplined kid running about and screeching for 16 hours(16hours on a good day). My neighbours above me play video games. It can get loud sometimes, and when it gets loud, I let them know, and they're good enough to turn it down. They understand what peace & quiet can mean. My other neighbours... don't know what `quiet` means, it seems. If they were in Anne Frank's situation, they'd've died a thousand times over by now.
What I really don't understand is how this is a recent thing. The first few months were nice and quiet and no major issues... but a couple months ago, it seems someone implanted StupidityNoiseChips in these people's heads.

So add this constant aggrevation to having to deal with people from the past coming to try and haunt you, in addition to the general annoyances of daily life we all(well, most of us anyhow) have to deal with, and that's where I'm at right now.

Not as much work done today as I would have liked, but then, given I get only a handful(if that) of hours of sleep, my day's been very slow.
To add to the growing list of frustrating things.. a friend suggested I try just painting-from-life.. take an object, put it by/under/around a single light-source and paint it.
.....No single-light-source to be found. Apparently, I've lost a lamp somewhere.

Understanding that the way this place is setup helps:  1 outlet per room, except for 3 in the kitchen(technically 5 as the stove/fridge each have one). Outlets are located in the most strategically useless place in room. For example.. my living room has it's only outlet about 16inches from the hot-water-radiant-heater while the service jacks (phone, tv, etc) are in the complete opposite corner of the room.

So, the geniuses who built the place, have it set so that light from any room except the parallel bedrooms will penetrate every other room. SO.. hoping to find my lamp to overcome the ambient light from other rooms & windows... didn't happen.
Today Sucks.
So here's a couple images.

Vegetation seems to have really just crept into my painting today.. the vegemonster above, and the grassland spirits below.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There will be a couple of posts tomorrow, but there won't be anything tonight.

While I *can* work with distractions, today's been more of a general drain on my everything than normal.. I almost had a nap a few hours ago..and naps are rare. Hehn, more than a few hours' sleep is rare.
Tomorrow is an all-out art there'll be some posts from the various creations.

But tonight.. tonight is rest(hopefully) with some relaxation(needed) added in.

Sorry folks.. no man's battery runs forever.
To tide you over, here's some temporary body-art I did on a friend who let me test out a set of markers.
Fat-tip markers bought from a hobbyshop for general experimentation with.
They washed right off afterwards.. half of it came off with dry papertowel.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Theme shift

So yeah.. this'll be the last pinup-attempt or landscape for a while.
Going to start attempting some simple things and see how close I can get to making them bang-on.
You know, basic art stuff, like putting an apple under a lamp and trying to pencil sketch it out so it looks like a really good pencil sketch of an apple. That kinda stuff.

Yeah, it won't be anything real exciting or anything, but ti will be great practice for me.

So.. for now, it's curtains for you, pin-up girl attemps and landscape sceneries.

I keep thinking I should have put a wall-sconce behind and to the upper-right of the couch.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another 'scape

And this time it's a mountain scape.
I couldn't think of any pin-up or feminine scenese I wanted to do that could be done in less than an I started thinkin of the some of the landscapes I haven't done yet..and a mountain range came to mind.
I could easily do some more...mountains are as varied as the dunes of the desert..sure they all look the same.. until you actually look at them, then you notice the differences.

Rough outline in pen, then airbrushed the whole thing.


Ever wonder what Charles Xavier (Professor X) sees when he's using his telepathy? What the inside of the human brain, and thought patterns really look like?

I've wondered about that from time to time.. most often depicted as jagged, unfocused images, or fog-enshrouded moments (thank you, television).. sometimes I like to think that it might be more akin to that whole wormhole/blackhole idea.. I mean, if the mind is constantly chugging away on things.. telepathy would be kind of like trying to slow-dance in the middle of a fast-moving stream, no?

Anyhow.. slight poke at the X-men.. seriously.. if you were a teenage girl at that `school`.. also a bonk on the nogging of the WonderWoman revamp..would you really want to go out in those super-tight outfits.. just go fight bad guys in your comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers, seriously!
That's something that's always bugged me.. fighting-games on consoles, comic books.. the guys are over-muscled and raging cauldrons of violent hormones - except when it comes to the ladies, ahem!.. and the women are all buxom, paint-on-clothing wearing vixens of death-dealing skill that.. okay.. if someone with Domino's figure single-handed a double-barrelled winchester, she's dislocate her shoulder... or the recoil would bring that beast back with enough force to knock her out and cave in her nose.

But how dare I want some semblence of realism in a comic or tv series!! 8P

Sing along with me now (to the tune of the 60's Spider-man theme song)
"Jammy-jams, jammy-jams, kickin butt in my jammy-jams,
because I can, 'cause I don't like
super-slinky, super-tight
I'm beating you in my jammy-jams
Beating you in my jammy-jams
Beating you, in my, jammmmmmyJAMS!"
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