Saturday, December 4, 2010

Re-Imagined: Nightcrawler

So, 10pm was closing in..and then it was 10:15 and I went `CRAP!!`..and began to semi-panic about what I was going to do...and how I wish I was somewhere else. Nightcrawler could be somewhere else....

Redo Nightcrawler.
So I did.

Kept some of the original colours, but decided to go with some pants (tried to get that yoga-pant look, don't think I got it), and a v-neck shirt. Kurt Wagner was a freaking acrobat in a circus, so he's gonna be slim, but built, especially legs and shoulders, I figured.

Anyhow.. here you go, BAMF!ing onto your monitor

Friday, December 3, 2010

Still Friday!

Hah, making it in under time.

Okay, watching Lar deSouza do his Ustream thing.
I normally start my daily art project around 10pm. Gives me roughly an hour, hour & a half to get something though of, roughed out, and done.

Asked for some ideas in the chat section of the ustream, and some ideas were thrown out there.
Someone's not included in this because, I don't know what they look like.. otherwise, they'd be riding the Frogicorn. Saved the file as `unifrog`..let's hope I remember it's a Frogicorn!

It's a friday!

So that means: Lar deSouza ustream, and a late post.

It's getting close to being done, but I don't think it'll be done before midnight.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Gunslinger

So, I had put a few hours into designing this bust-shot of The Gunslinger.
Or at least, how I picture Roland of the Eld, Roland son of Stephen, Roland Deschane - Gunslinger.

What the heck am I talking about? you ask?? Stephen King's The Dark Tower book series.
Good stuff, if you like a very well blended mix of western, sci-fi, fantasy, every-day and magic.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not the typical horror-fare that King's known for..and the best part is, the Dark Tower series brings in from most of is other works, things that, if you're a fan, are a wonderful nod to his other works.

So yeah.. I put in some more time today.. and while I'm not completely happy with the background, I can always edit that later.
But for now...

The Gunslinger.

I'm Tho Thor

Not really. Though the side(inward facing body) of my knee's been kinda twitchy when I bend it lately.

Anyhow.. Thor's Head.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Late post

Hey folks,

So, yeah, I've been doodling out some poses for this Thor-thing I'm trying to do..

All I've got a is a head-shot, and while painting it, I noticed the time.
So, you can have the rough, and I'll post the painting when it's done.
Trying to get a good rough-sketch done that captures what I'm trying to do with a re-design on Thor.
Mythological gods... don't like change, I tells ya. 8P

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I got to thinking of other heroes/heroines and villains/villainess' who could use some re-imagining.
Thor came to mind.
Thor's not exactly "owned" by anyone, but certain companies have used their own take on the mythology of the Norse God (half-god? that's Hercules\Herakles, my bad), so, a bit of Google-image searching later, I'm finding a lot of Marvel Comic's Thor images, and some that really just remind me of Conan-with-a-hammer. There was one image with a signature of " -Voltare-" on it that I really liked.

So, I'm coming up with my own re-design of the old Odin-Son.
So far it's just digital sketches.

Oh..and if you're reading this, go check out this petition to get a Canadian Nerd a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory :

Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing with Watercolours

So, yeah.. I'm not as good as I thought I was with watercolours.

But, practice makes perfect.

Speaking of practice.. I had the joy of visiting my local art supply store, Curry's and while looking around, found some great priced postcard-sized canvas'. So now, in addition to pen & ink on my watercolour postcards (because I'm not good enough yet to watercolour them), I can paint actual postcards and ship them out. Ship them out? Well, if I have any blank canvas' left when someone wins the next twitter-contest.
I also noticed that in addition to Copic and Prismacolour markers, they now carry Tombow markers. Oh, but to have thousands of dollars to just drop on art supplies, I could clean them out in a heartbeat.. *sigh*

There's a decent deal going with Curry's right now for the holiday-season.. free shipping(well, in Canada) on all telephone/online orders. Which really helps me as I'd like to nurture my nieces/nephew's artistic skills, but given that they live 5+hours away, weather depending, it's hard to just pop by for some art time with their Gruncle. (that'd be me.. their Grumpy Uncle)

So, if you're nearby, or browsing online.. and looking for some good deals on art supplies.. give Curry's a shot.

Anyhow.. quickshot watercolour attempt.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Re-Imagined: Superman

Okay, so I put some more thought & work into the Superman thing.

I took some things into consideration: Skinny farm boy youth. Reporter. Super-strong, doesn't need to work out.

SO.. we've got Clark Kent, skinny, dour reporter trying to get a scoop. Alter-ego, right?.. so he stoops a bit, shoulders a bit hunched. Hair brushed forward over his forehead
And Superman.. Shoulders back and broad, chest out, head back so he has to look down on the criminals (it's an intimidation thing), Hair wildly blown about (as it would be if you flew like he does, no?) & out of his face.

Sure, Superman could just rip a pipe off a wall and use it as make-shift handcuffs. And that would be cool.. but that would also be destruction of property. And as Clark Kent's upbringing taught Supes to respect life and other people and all that, to be that Beacon of Hope for Humanity.. yeah. Hello utility-belt. Holds handcuffs and/or zip-ties or whatever's currently being used by police forces.

Cape & Emblem intertwined.. tights turned into clothes. Because if Superman's 'costume' is his clothes from his planet.. what's the deal!? In the pictures of Krypton, people were wearing flowing robes & sashes.. nothing skin-tight or brightly coloured! So things've been remade into clothes a bit more. Decided to untuck those tight-pants from the boots.. that's just a personal preference.

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