Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another day, a new year

While I've never really liked the forced emotion, celebration, or otherwise `hey, it's such&such time of year, we're supposed to be stupidly, egregiously happy!`.. I can understand the general need for some kind of reason to celebrate during the cold, dark months of winter.

While at friends last night for New Year's.. a general mistake of watching Angelina Jolie in 'Salt' was made.

Personally, I believe that movie could have been great if it was a no-name actress playing the lead.
Instead, it became an obvious, `look, it's angelina jolie, kicking ass & taking names, surviving everything, sowing the world the bullshit-girl-power stuff all over again`.
Seriously.. from the movie Hackers, up to Salt.. she's played the `anything you can do I can do better` roles.
The only really enjoyable ones, to me anyhow, were Gone in 60 Seconds (save the sex scene, completely unneccessary), and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

So we had 2 kinds of cheesecake at my friend's place.. a wonderful edible cheesecake with crumbled up skor-bar on it.. and the celluloid near-misandry (hate of men, the opposite of misogyny, hatred of women).

Such.. really horrible choices... in choosing a lead-actor/ me thinking about other films.
Salt has Liev Schrieber in it.. generally, I like him as an actor. He was also Sabretooth in that piece of continuity-crap `X-men Origins:Wolverine`... if Marvel Studios.. or rather, Disney I suppose.. ever gets around to doing the Magneto Origins story..I hope they don't completely destroy the character.
Wolverine's supposed to have heightened senses before he gets his metal-coating.
And yet, he can't hear a heartbeat, or smell the blood splashed around the area of his supposed lover's supposed murder. Somehow, between his years doing rough work and hunting and surviving..and the "adamantium bullet" that remarkably punches a hole in his coated-skull (that destroys the continuity of the first X-men movie with the x-ray scans) much is wrong the movie that might have been great.

But Liev Schrieber..  made an excellent Sabretooth. Having watched him in Salt..I noticed how he has a face that would be great for caricaturization... and I'm not a great caricuraturist.. but you only get better at things by practice.
So here's a Sabretooth-Liev Schrieber piece.

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year

Well folks, the end of our calendar, no matter how screwed up it may be, is upon us.

Wishing you all safety in your travels and wisdom in your choices.

As a friend once told me "May the worst of your next be be comparible to the best if this past one"

And, for a pic.. a small collage I put together of some Ame-Comi maquettes/statuettes.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The end is nigh!

End of the year, that is.
Of course, nobody really KNOWS when everything could just pffffft out of maybe it is nigh.

Anyhow.. Clearly with the festivities and such, getting daily posts up will be spotty, but I'll still try to get them done.

Here's a quick (and I mean quick) attempt to show some anguish in a character that, for whatever reason, is semi-clad in ninja garb.

I'm working more on doing some quick roughs, then refining it a bit, changing a little, refining it some more.. roughing out any more changes.. refining it.. I have to stop being so quick to go `Okay, that's 3 roughs, time to do some heavy lines and then colour the thing`.  Basically, I have to stop being like a software company that shall remain nameless and boot things out the door before they're really ready.
Ready by my standards, anyhow.

I can always do some quick roughs to get an image up for the day.. but I want to get something really nice done before the end of the week.
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