Sunday, January 16, 2011


Words are important.. they carry power.
Speech really is the one true thing that separates us from the animals.
Sure, some critters can mimic speech..but it's not their language. It's not how they communicate.

Words can hurt, words can heal. Sadly, it takes something like 7 healing words to even begin to undo the damage 1 hurtful word causes.

People you trust can speak life or death, good or bad, into your life. Words are incredibly important, not just the words themselves, but the how of their use.

I find myself dating myself by the words I use. For example.. Boombox or Ghettoblaster. Same thing to me. What is it though? It's a portable music player.. granted, usually about half the size of the average man's torso, 2 large speakers, one or two cassette-player decks in it, and a radio tuner.
But boil it down, and what's the new 'boombox'?? iPods and MP3 players. Discman.. Walkman.. portable music.

I don't call kids `adolescents`.. I call them kids.. or, for more accuracy, teenagers. Kids will always be kids until they're teenagers.. and then it's either 'teens', or some general expletive.
But there's something about getting older. Perspectives shift, ideas change, and suddenly what's "important" is something different than what it used to be.
But something that's never changed for me, is to want to do right by the people I respect, the people I admire.

And sometimes, it just doesn't always look like respect or admiration.. sometimes it looks like this:

a bit of an homage to someone I greatly admire. The man's beard is whispered and giggled about by the youthful fans who practically worship him....though I think they worship the beard even more. Apparently it has it's own facebook page, but I've not looked into that, so hopefully it's just fanboy-BS being spread about. I've seen the beard (and the man holding it up) person, it really is something else. ZZ Top might not be impressed, but by the average work-a-day man's standard, it's a big deal.

 Hope you like the picture.. now get off my lawn. ..except I don't have a lawn.

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