Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another day, a new year

While I've never really liked the forced emotion, celebration, or otherwise `hey, it's such&such time of year, we're supposed to be stupidly, egregiously happy!`.. I can understand the general need for some kind of reason to celebrate during the cold, dark months of winter.

While at friends last night for New Year's.. a general mistake of watching Angelina Jolie in 'Salt' was made.

Personally, I believe that movie could have been great if it was a no-name actress playing the lead.
Instead, it became an obvious, `look, it's angelina jolie, kicking ass & taking names, surviving everything, sowing the world the bullshit-girl-power stuff all over again`.
Seriously.. from the movie Hackers, up to Salt.. she's played the `anything you can do I can do better` roles.
The only really enjoyable ones, to me anyhow, were Gone in 60 Seconds (save the sex scene, completely unneccessary), and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

So we had 2 kinds of cheesecake at my friend's place.. a wonderful edible cheesecake with crumbled up skor-bar on it.. and the celluloid near-misandry (hate of men, the opposite of misogyny, hatred of women).

Such.. really horrible choices... in choosing a lead-actor/ me thinking about other films.
Salt has Liev Schrieber in it.. generally, I like him as an actor. He was also Sabretooth in that piece of continuity-crap `X-men Origins:Wolverine`... if Marvel Studios.. or rather, Disney I suppose.. ever gets around to doing the Magneto Origins story..I hope they don't completely destroy the character.
Wolverine's supposed to have heightened senses before he gets his metal-coating.
And yet, he can't hear a heartbeat, or smell the blood splashed around the area of his supposed lover's supposed murder. Somehow, between his years doing rough work and hunting and surviving..and the "adamantium bullet" that remarkably punches a hole in his coated-skull (that destroys the continuity of the first X-men movie with the x-ray scans) much is wrong the movie that might have been great.

But Liev Schrieber..  made an excellent Sabretooth. Having watched him in Salt..I noticed how he has a face that would be great for caricaturization... and I'm not a great caricuraturist.. but you only get better at things by practice.
So here's a Sabretooth-Liev Schrieber piece.

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