Thursday, January 6, 2011

DC Emblems

So.. weird thing, I found an old copy of "The Dark Knight Strikes Again", which is the sequel to "The Dark Knight Returns"... and I was reminded of something.

Time and time again, Batman just up and trumps Superman. Sure, in a fist-fight Superman could turn Batman into powder.. but it never fails that Batman out-thinks and out-plans Superman... but Hal Jordan/Green Lantern could easily whup the pair of them..and has, from what I've seen and read.. saved Batman's spandex'd butt a few times. ....Although, Batman'd only have to wait until the ring needs recharging and then strike.. but I doubt GL'd give him that chance.

So.. Superman loses to Batman... but Green Lantern, in the end.. owns Batman... how and why?? Simple: Batman'd never be able to slink around the shadows in a bright-yellow bat-outfit. Hehn.


  1. Bah! It's all a popularity contest.


  2. Yeah, it's all usually a popularity thing, but from what I've read.. Batman has a consistant track-record of being able to one-up Superman.. but not Green Lantern (well, the Hal Jordan Green Lantern).


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