Friday, January 7, 2011

First Lar-Stream of the year

So it's friday.. and Lar deSouza did his first ustream of the year. It's still going on as I type this.. and the man is just so many kinds of awesome.

He's playing his rapid-fire-sketech-game..which means that the people in the chat shout out their ideas, and he spends roughly 1 minute quick-sketching the ideas he likes. He's picked 2 of mine so far... which is 2 out of all the ones I've ever given, to my knowledge. So yeah, I'm a lil wow'ed.
Pineapple Rhino and Bat-clown - the mother^&%#!ing Bat-clown.

Much as I would love to do these ideas myself, I know the man can do them proper justice. I look forward to the finished images when he's done with them.

SO.. while in the Lar-stream, 10pm hit..and it's time to draw. If you don't know, I typically start at 10pm, with no idea what I'm going to doodle, draw, paint or make.. so I asked for some suggestions..and I got Flash (Wally West) and Ninjas.. so.. we've got some zippy-speed ninja's about to leap into fast-action with the Flash.

A little bit of watercolour for the speed-lines, airbrush for shading, and just general pen for the rest of it.

I seem to be on a wee bit of a DC kick so far this year...

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