Monday, January 17, 2011

Fuzzlemutton McBeardychops

The title of this post is a small jab at the great Lar deSouza.
You see, once upon a ustream, there got a bit of naming-way that went right out of hand, and his beard was supposedly named. I don't remember what the beard was named, but I do remember the name "Fuzzlemutton McBeardyChops" getting people kicked by the mods pretty quick.

Sometimes I think mods are just on power trips. I was a mod once. These mods, however, are actually fairly decent. Which is a good thing.

Beards. Yeah, think I'm gonna do a bit of fun with facial hair. Mostly beards, but perhaps just mustaches in some cases.

So first off (if we consider this post the first, instead of yesterday's post of a caricature of Lar himself), we hit the follically-challenged Mr.Parker.

Yeah, I put the spider in the beard. I had originally wanted it to be more of the watercolour, but decided to do it in pen instead, and I'm much happier with it that way.

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