Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Magnetic

You know how some people are just amazingly interesting, no matter what they're doing, it's interesting?
How some folks are incredible social-butterflies, and not just social-butterflies, but adept at it? (meaning, they make you feel like they're not just flitting from person to person, including you, but that they actually want to spend some time with you, despite the busy-ness of themselves)

I have to think that, as a young man, had he not been in the Camps that germany had made for the Jews, Eric Lensherr or Magnus..better known as Magneto, might have been that uber-suave fellow breaking hearts all over town, a politician's politician, only not as scummy as a politician.. the guy people vote into power despite him not being on the ballot (don't get me wrong, Magneto would probably rig the election).

Sometimes you meet someone who is different on a normal level, but it's just magnetic that this thing they do that most folks don't, draws people to them.

Supposedly, my general forthrightness & frank "here's how it is now suck it up" mannerism seems to set me apart from people my friends know. What about you.. what sets you apart?

Back to the beards, people!

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