Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last Beard

It's a thursday, and I think I'm going to start doing new things on this is the last intentional "bearding" that I'm doing. Unless of course, others come to mind and I'm not doing a series of something else.

I remember as a teen, critics blasting Marvel's The Hulk as showing kids that it's okay to lose your temper and smash stuff, and some stuffed shirt with an alphabet-soup education responding that if the critics had actually read any of The Hulk comics, they'd quickly realize that it shows kids rather obviously that losing your temper can quickly and easily have long-term effects, regrets, and problems.

I haven't dipped into Hulk-dom in a long time.. I caught a streaming video of Planet Hulk at one What happened?! I remember the Lou Ferigno-Hulk, and having watched one of the Ultimates cartoon-movies, that Hulk. I don't remember Hulk going the juice-abusing-emo path..and that's what Planet Hulk's Hulk immediately reminded me of.. Mr.I-don't-need-friends... go (expletive) a duck, man.

Clearly, I am NOT a fan of these re-imaginings and hollywood (expletive)-over's of childhood icons and characters.. even the ones I haven't followed for a good while. It would be like someone making a cartoon-movie of Batman, where he guns down criminals like he was the Punisher. Such a straying from the character's core... wow.

Anyhow.. I've been wanting to draw this kind of beard on someone for a while now.. and I think it actually fits the Hulk. I thought of making the beard into two clnched fists..but it didn't look right.
Choosing the fonts took me a lot longer than I thought it would. I need to get some more, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for..much as I'd love to make my own fonts, font-making programs are very pricey things.

It's surprisingly easy to get the 'basic hulk' image down.. it's just as surprisingly difficult to make it look "Hulk" instead of just some muscle-headed goon.

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