Monday, January 24, 2011

Marissa's Bunny/Dad

If you go here: you'll be able to check something dishearteningly cool out.

If this post is late it's because I'm still finishing some touches up. Hoping to get them done in the next 4 minutes so I can post on-time.

Anyhow.. yeah.. I hate kids. Just about everything about them. If you look up `cold hearted bastard` when it comes to kids, it's got my picture. There is nothing about a child that appeals to me, other than them going away from my immediate 100-mile vicinity.
So what makes 's special?.. I blame the bunny.
From what I've read, that bunny kicks ass, all because of a little girl.
So I've got a soft spot for animals. So I imagine that this stuffed bunny has helped this little girl fight more than any little girl's share of demons and scary things.
Want to feel good about yourself?? Go there and help a man out.

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