Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Mr.Schrieber

So.. yeah.. I got thinking about caricature, and how it's basically an exaggeration of what's there..
and while a lot of folks would just make a big nose or ears biggers ..sometimes it's making something smaller, too. Sure, Liev Schrieber has a notable nose, and an awesome bulb for a chin, but he's also got some great eyebrows and an almost-non-existant upper lip to take advantage of. For how deep his eyes are, they're pretty big, too..but it's the colour that helps them pop.. making the whites stand out even more..

or at least, from the images I could scrounge out of google to look at, anyhow.

So here's a bit more refined, then coloured version of some caricature of Liev Schrieber.

The hair was a bit of a challenge. He's got an iconic hairline.. but the golden/honey..brown..light-brown.. mix depending on the light threw me there's a mix of it all in there.

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