Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Challenges

If you constantly square off against familiar challenges, you'll never grow (unless of course, said `familiar` challenge is something you've not yet overcome).

So I tried something new last night, and will post some of those images later. I want to get more done.
What I tried was, I set my music player to random, and played some music.
As soon as a song started, I began to think of something to quick sketch, and as soon as the song was done, I stopped, signed the work, and saved it as a rough sketch.
Some songs are longer than 9 minutes (which is amazingly long for a song, it seems) and some were less than 2 minutes.

How did this challenge me? First off, to actually stop what I was doing as the song finished. Second, to think faster, to process and access my creativity quicker. To go from a blank nothing to something on paper in a very short period of time.
If I was smarter/wanted to cheat, I'd put some house/trance mixes on..those can be a good half-hour easy!

Anyhow.. what's going up today (but is not part of my 'daily', if you will) is something Paul Tobin on twitter had asked/wondered about... What if Godzilla became the new Sorcerer Supreme?
And I just had to draw it.
Took me a little under an hour. Quick pens and digital watercolour.

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