Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I rarely get sick.
But, I was an idiot, and let myself be exposed to some friends who were sick.
And by exposed, I mean next to a friend in a smart-car (stupid little aluminum deathtraps...but that title isn't good for marketing), and the other my roommate.

Now, my roommate's been sick for about a week, coming up a week and a half. My other friend was at the tail-end of his sickness. However, I'm as caught-up to the point of being over the sickness as my roommate is.
Sometimes I like having a slightly advanced healing system.. but the higher tolerance/partial immunity to various drugs is no fun. For example.. if I get a headache, I can either pop about 6 aspirin or tylenol or Ibepukin(ibuprofin), OR.. I can take 1 tylenol-3 and a mouthful of beer and sleep for 10 hours, wake up and be about as good as I ever was. But tylenol-3 isn't available without a prescription.
And yes, taking meds with alcohol is one of the dumbest things you can do (right below mixing energy drinks & alcohol).

Anyhow.. I have half-hopes that this week is a wash, interview-wise, and so far, it's proving true.
Who wants to be in an interview when you're sick? If you're sick, you are far from your best, and interviews are when you try to put your best forward, right? At this point, I don't even want to do laundry tomorrow.. but certain people will be offended if I get the mail naked.

Anyhow, enough rambling.. onto the art!
Keeping with the beard-ness.. I wanted to do a Captain America...but I just can't seem to get his chin right, or if I get the chin right, it's the shield. One of the two. So I'll start earlier and get it done at another point.

Tonight.. it's the Beard-isher. His family was caught was in the crossfire of gangland beard rivals, and now he dispenses punishment to the follically challenged criminals and the hirsute hucksters who threaten a peaceful existence. ..or something. I'm no writer, and now you know why.


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