Sunday, January 23, 2011

A slight deviation

So, yeah. I'm still planning on doing the very quick-sketch, watercolour paintings for the Obey The Beard series I'm doing.

But for today, I've got a small detour.
I played through Transformers: War for Cybertron, and let me tell you: this game does not have the fanbase it deserves. The online community is horribly small, but incredibly fun. Even getting destroyed repeatedly doesn't take away too much from the game..and yes, I'm one of those people who, without having killed anyone and yet been snuffed out for the 17th time, I get fed up and walk away from the game for a week or three. There's no fun in just being someone's meatbag target.
But Transformers:War for Cybertron (WFC) goes beyond typical online shooting.

When was the last time you got to come screaming out of your spawn area as a jet, fly past enemies, up to a perch, transform before you get there, let the momentum carry you, while in mid-transformation, turn around and whip out the game's equivalent of a sniper-rifle and blast away?
It's fast and ferocious and fun.

Now.. what with the small online community (globally, I've never seen more than 200 players on at once, which is sad), the 2 expansions that've come out for it, being 10$ each. You'd think that's cheap. But not when you can't just randomly hop into a game. There's been a couple days (afternoon & evening, when players should be on), when there's been no games going. I was kind of shocked, quite disappointed.

However.. I have this to say: This game is what a Transformers game should be AT IT'S WORST.
It is that great. Sure, there's some things they could do to improve it.. like perhaps instead of 3rd-perspective, make it more true FPS until you transform to vehicle mode, then pull back into 3rd-person, kinda of like how the Gamecube/Wii dealt with Samus Aran for Metroid.

I've found 2 places in the game where I can't just transform at will..and it's because I was 1-about to die -from falling off a cliff(as a truck) or 2-I was too close to objects and transforming would have created issues with object/sprite/level collisions. Other than that, great game. Wish more people would pick it up, get online and blast the techno-guts out of each other.

It also seems like in everything Transformers, Optimus Prime HAS to say his ever infamous line from the 1980's cartoon Transformer's movie while battling Megatron: One shall stand, One shall fall.
And then this popped into my head:  --- now, before you go raging at me about how I messed something up in Optimus or Megatron, let em tell you something: They've been through many incarnations, and remodelling and remaking. I'm trying to stay fairly true to the 1980's cartoon ones.

Jenga has a few box designs that are... interesting. And because I'm lazy, I just slapped the colours together instead of a tower of jumbled jenga-blocks.

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