Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super-Beard's other dimensional cousin thing?

Power girl.
Yeah, "girl" in what universe? Granted, I've watched a lot of bizarre things in my life, one being a special on Bra's for some reason, but having watched said special.. I know that a woman with Powergirl's ...ludicrous proportions would a) have permanent lower-spinal damage, Superman's cousing from an alternate dimension or whatever or not, and yeah, hello custom-order support clothing.

But it's comics.. and any stupid crap can happen in comics. Manga pulls stuff that any san person would absolutely call "bullshit!" on. So why not north-american comics? ...because we have a continent full of whiners, that's why. And only the most minor of the minorities that cry foul get heard, it seems.
However.. such is not the case for Powergirl. In the end, money talks, and will easily drown out the noise of the whiners (until election time, if you're political)...and I guess the money spent by fanboys eager to destroy their ideas and ideals of what a woman truly is can easily silence that voice in a man's head that goes `boy, that ain't right. She better be related to Superman to keep upright, stacked like that!`.

So.. she gets a beard. One of the girlier beards I could thing of (which, admittedly, is mostly a long fu-manchu type mustache with matching chin strip).

On a different topic.. every so often Corel Painter just outright buggers up on. Did it on this image. Normally, I can just close the image and re-open it.. sometimes I have to reload Painter altogether. Neither of those fixed the issue this time. I am MAD. What's the issue? The eraser stops working on a random layer. It'll work on any other layer, except (usually) the one I was working on. Sometimes it just chooses another layer to not acknowledge, but it's usually the one I was working on. Very frustrating.
So.. the colour is off in parts.. and for some reason, the area behind Powergirl was erased and refused to be filled in.. I'm fairly certain there's some complete basticho combination of keyboard shortcuts I'm unintentionally hitting to cause this.. but even if I'm not, it is extremely frustrating.

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