Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Add it to the pile

Bad things happen. And they keep happening. Some, we bring on ourselves, others, people hoist upon us regardless, and some, people do intentionally, making themselves assholes among assholes.

To sum the last year and a half up, I've been looking for work. Editing my resume to apply for the positions of my education, and editing it again(basically taking my education off, and playing up my labour skills) applying for the "regular ho-hum" jobs (gas stations, working in a warehouse, positions where your brain won't be too stressed on a daily basis once you've got the layout and S.O.P. down).

I've averaged about 2 to 3 interviews a month, which, I'm told, is pretty good. But okay, why no jobs? I answer the questions honestly, trying to be upbeat about things, turn scenarios around that could end badly into ones that end in a good light, find solutions to hypothetical questions that make everything ok.... and nothing.
On a lark, I've applied to a couple places across the country..who want me, just as soon as I can get there.
No money(or potential employer support) means no travelling, means no job across the country.

December is a hectic time for people.. mail crawls to a drudge of slow-pace as it's choked with letters to santa and other such things. I was fully expecting a letter from the National Student Loan Service, once again telling me that I had to prepare to payback my student loan(as they had sent me once before), to which I would apply for repayment assistance, basically, extending the period of time where they wouldn't harass with my phone calls and basically ruin my credit rating for about 6 months.

No such paperwork was forthcoming. I got a call yesterday saying I was late in making a payment for January. Now here's where I start to get angry with these people: There is supposed to be a note in my file to call after 7pm (my phone doesn't cost me time/money after 7, according to my phone plan), and they called me at about 1/4 to 2pm. I answer my ringing phone, to hear an automated voice tell me 'this is an important call, please don't hang up' and am then put on hold.
Do not call me and put me on hold because you want to speak with me.

After dealing with the girl on the phone, who really didn't seem to know what was going on, I talked to a friend, and if what they told me is accurate, I can fill out this paperwork, and be denied assistance because there's a lapsed payment they'll want before my application for assistance could be accepted. Though they'll still want me to fill it out, and confirm my (lack of) income and such all over again.

One of the main reasons I left military service was because of the beauraucratic red-tape and BS paperwork, in quintuplicate. The NSLSC does this in spades, furthering their push to the top of my Shitlist.

To help themselves climb to the top of the list even quicker, I'm told the NSLSC mailed me out a form for my taxes (apparently I can deduct the loan repayments, so there's a little goodness there), and that they mailed it out January 14th of this year(2011).  So they lie to me.
How do I know it's a lie? Because a call on the 8th of February gives the Canadian Postal Service the better part of 15 business days to deliver a letter.
And for inner-provincial mail, once the Post Office has it, they're allowed 3 business days to get it where it needs to go. So if I allow that it took the NSLSC 1 day to print it, 1 day to mail it, the Post Office 1 day to pick it up, another day to sort it, then another to ship it, and finally 1 more day for it to arrive here, I should have received said letter January 24th, 2011.

As it stands, I still have not received said piece of mail.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the many kinds of beauraucratic bullshit I try to avoid.

And for tonight? Hero Hippo staring down Villain Zebra in ink-outlines and quick watercolours.

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