Thursday, February 3, 2011

Break it

Moulds. Normally, I like to see `drop forged` or `iron-cast` or some other indication that my tools have been made from a reliable mould.
But people? Thoughts and ideas?

Break the moulds as much as you can.
Creativity is a mould-shattering beast, let me tell you.
This whole Song-sketching thing is helping me break some moulds of my own - mostly musical, and the thoughts and imagery that I normally put to said music.

Most everyone knows of an actor or actress that's been type-cast. This person has been thrown into a mould because of whatever role that helped them become a `name` in their industry.
Tim Burton, for example, is known for his semi/neo-gothic imagery and backgrounds, and his work with Johnny Depp. Arnold Shwarzennegger and Sylvester Stallone are type-cast as tough-guy, action heroes.

So, while listening to some songs, I let one or two get sketched out in their pre-moulded mental imagery in my head, and some, I had to work at actually doing something against-type. By song/filename, can you guess which is which? FYI, the longest song was 5minutes and 5 seconds, the 2nd longest was a mere 3minutes 41seconds. A couple were under 3 minutes, with one being 1minute and 58seconds. Not much time to think of something and get it on (digital) paper, ehn?

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