Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is more better?

Tax time is coming fast upon us again (well, for those of us in Canada and the US).

More money, more possessions, more freedom, more power, more time, more munchies, more drinks, more crushed velvet whatever, more leather couches and pants..more ...more... more!

There was a slogan a few years back of `less is more`.. sure.. less clothing is more nudity (and a lot less laundry, yay) less policing is more anarchic stupidity, less debt is more peace of mind... sure, aside from the first one, the rest don't match up to the slogan's general idea (but then, what do beer advertisers know about reality??)

It seems lately that there's a lot more zombies out there.. not just cubicle dwellers & fast-food employees..but in games and movies.. and people keep trying to put a new spin on zombies.. and they often fail. But they keep coming.. more zombies, more zombies, more zombies.
Even I have an idea for something with zombies (it's a game idea, and I'm not divulging any info here.. creative-theft is rampant, dontchaknow!).

So.. with the advent of the increase in zombies.. I figure we need a lil more of something else.. something to help us against the zombies.. providing they aren't here to 'take care' of us.

My wacom Bamboo tablet stopped running it's drivers shortly after getting the design down - and instead of saving and rebooting, I just kept on trucking.. may as well have done it with my mouse.
I've updated my Deviant Art account (after a year of doing nothing with it) and can be found here. I've added some things to their store, mostly in the size of coasters, magnets and pins. Some are sizeable to print, and I'm hoping this piece works, once I post it. I'm considering doing a large set of pin-ups, based in and around the city I live in.. but I'm not sure about what exactly I want to do with it yet.

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