Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let it move you

Music. There's no doubt it moves people, augments emotional states and can either help create something or really just take away from it.

Think about it.. music in movies.. half the time in a horror flick, you know something's about to happen because the music starts to build. Romance movies, when the lovers finally get together or kiss or whatever, the music swoons with them. Action flicks.. well, lately, it seems `action music` is nothing but the sounds of explosions *koffmichaelbaykoff* but still..  music is an amazing thing.

And sometimes you hear something and just move with it, unconciously. Bobbing your head, tapping your foot or finger along to the rhythm. Music is amazing.
And here's some more Song Sketches. The longest song was 3minutes 41 seconds. See if you can guess which image had that amount of time on it.

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