Thursday, February 10, 2011

More because huhn?

So.. yeah.
Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Another Hallmark Holiday.
Where 60$ gives you a dozen red, dead/dying flowers that supposedly proclaim how much someone means to you.
I have been single for every Valentine's Day in my life. And as much as I hate seeing all the constant lovey-dovey reminders of my `failed attempts at couplehood` (or perhaps, my successful voyage in singlehood!),
I do try to do something nice for someone I know who is single as well.

My roommate and I used to date. Then, one day, we both just kind of looked at each other and went `I like you and all, but I just don't see a future with you`. We're roommates now, which is awkwardly cool. We're much better friends than we were boyfriend/girlfriend, which is both weird and awesome.

So, today, while doing some chauffeur(I offered, because I know how some days go) my roomie and her familial-co-workers around a bit, dropped them off, and as much as I would have preferred to do this and surprise her with it, she was with me while I had the, oh well... I got her a lil something.
I had seen them in the paper a few weeks ago.
Lil super-soft plushie animals that turn into pillows.
So, my roomie got a new USB-corded mouse(corded mice are getting harder to find), and a lil super-plushie bear/pillow. Happy mother^*$#!ing valentine's day.

If I'm going to do something nice, it's damned well not going to be because some mark on the calendar says so, or because it's the social thing to do..but because I want to do it. ...granted, said mark on a calendar is a nice "excuse" helps me keep my macho robo-exterior intact..somewhat.

So.. more of things that, huhn?!?! Just because I wanna, here's another of those things creeping in my head alongside Hero Hippo and Villain Zebra..only, away from the animal theme this time.

Sgt. Zippy McLeadfoot (or something)

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