Monday, February 14, 2011

Punishing Valentine's

It's Valentine's Day.
Miserable Hallmark Holidays!

I had a date..if you want to call it that - with a prospective employer. Huzzah! Interviews!
This one felt more like some kind of bizarre uber-relaxed stand-up comedy routine than anything else.. I don't think I've laughed, or seen the interviewer laugh, that much in an interview..ever.

Anyhow.. was trying to draw an image of an action-scene, a heroine high-kicking a bad-guy in the face, from behind the bad guy.. but I couldn't get the leg proportion or perspective right..and I didn't want to just cover it up with the bad guy... that's just stupid, because I'd have a broken-crutch(bad artistry) to rely on then..and I don't want to do that.

I tried a few poses..had one I liked ..but scrapped it.. then for some reason I got thinking about the Punisher.
Has he ever had sex?  I mean yeah, Frank Castle *had* a family and all that, but they were killed. Did he ever visit a sperm bank? He's been shot a lot, so certainly *someone* has his DNA.. I think Marvel actually killed him, only to bring him back as some kind of weird Frankenstein..
maybe someone cloned him..only made him a girl? There's certainly a lot of BS 'girl power!' flotsam still floating around these days...'s a lil something.

Yes, some of those blood-splatters are kinda heart-shaped. Gotta love Photoshop's custom brushes.

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