Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 more minutes

So, tonight is a 20-minute hero..well, I suppose could be a villain..but for all the times I've drawn this character, it's always been more the heroic mental-image I've held..
Tried a bit of fore-shortening with the one arm.. think it turned out ok..but I'll take another look at it under the light of day (and a full-night's sleep, I hope) and see if it still hits me as `ok` or not.

Normally, he doesn't have the shorts, or the belt/pouches.. but it occured to me that his power-base could be something he has to have on him to draw from.. like herbs or something, that would give the pouches a reason to be there. I think all the crap I've been reading & examples I've been seeing of Rob Leifeld's work is rubbing off on me.. and not in a good way.

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