Friday, March 18, 2011


And huzzah for Friday.

Not that I'm completely sure why.. being unemployed, everyday is a freakin sunday to me. Sunday. Not friday, not saturday.. sunday. Sunday brings a lil dread of the morrow, because the morrow is a monday. Sunday's are kind of boring, a bit lazy, sure, you get some things done.. but it's still not like you actually get anything of any kind of self-satifaction or importance done.

And that is how damned near every freaking day feels like to me.

This took me a little more than 2 hours, from nothing to finish. Used more layers than I normally would have, but given that I've been doodling this guy since 1995 (mask based off one of the guys from Doom Troopers, the old SNES game), I decided to take my time. Almost all my on-paper doodles and sketches are black and white.. so getting the colours to look some kind of alright took me way too long.

If you're wondering what the object he's holding is, it's a handgun I designed waaaayyyy back in highschool. taped-up stabilizer bar between both barrels for, well, added stability. I've got the specs for it in a notebook somewhere if anyone wants to know more.

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