Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a Race!

No, it's not a race.. but if you've seen the movie Rat Race, then you know what I'm talking about..sort of.

Once again, Deviant Art has put on a contest..and I entered it this time.
Chances of winning?.. who knows.. but hey, I could use an extra 1500buckazoids, you know? Even landing in the top 3 would do me good, would mean cash and a bigger tablet to play with.

Anyhow.. There's a theme, and rules, and all that wonderful stuff.. I decided I would only use the gear they supplied for the contest..and this is what I have come out with (and surprisingly, no one else has put this out..weird)

After being very discouraged by some of the 'for fun' contest entries over at SketchOholic, this helped perk me back up.

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