Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Le sigh

You know.. sometimes I use this thing as a personal-venting platform.

And given the last 3 weeks, I could do some serious lambasting of assholes and shitbuckets, but what's the point?

Seriously.. what is the point? Not like anything I put up on here is going to get any attention by anyone who can do a damned or blessed thing about any of it.

All this week, and it's only freakin Wednesday, no less, I've been reminded of how greedy this continent the companies have completely forgotten how important their customers are and that the sheep - customers - will continue to just bend over and let themselves be raped through the wallet.. and any of them that bleat(complain or try to change the system with protests and such) just get the rest of us sheared that much closer to the bone.

So.. yeah, screw all that noise.
Here's another attempt at drawing the female form, and thank you Bruce Timm for giving us Harey Quinn so I don't have to worry about hairlines right now.
What I do have to worry about, is my Leifeldian lack of feet in my pictures. Seriously.. I never give myself enough room to create full characters, and that crap has to stop.

Quick and dirty ...and footless:

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