Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little something more

While thinking of something to draw, Baptism of Solitude by Buckethead came on the ol' itunes DJ and while if you're in a sad state of mind, it can be downright depressing.. I found it rather relaxing.. and for some reason, I had a memory of those old anti-pollution commercials, of the indian looking over the landfills and a single tear runs down his cheek..then, of course, thanks to my glut of popculture, The Simpson's episode where the move the town 15 miles down the highway because of their overflowing dump.

Having been reading the X-Men and their battle with Xarus & Dracula (son & father, respectively), I started thinking about all the classic movie monsters..and where they are now.. and who more `in tune` with nature than Bigfoot? (yeah, that's an argument starter, I'm sure).. and how Bigfoot'd probably weep at the #%!$ing laughable state of vampires and werewolves lately thanks to ..well, many things, most of them nigh-completely vapid and plain old ignorant. At least The Mummy hasn't fared too badly, thank you Brendan Fraser. Zombies will always do something.. and the last Frankenstein I recall is from Van Helsing (and all it's CastleVania wannabe-ishness)..where he was actually not that much of a monster, but 3rd-string hero in the story.

So.. here we go, 1 black & white, 1 coloured: Which do you prefer??

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