Saturday, March 26, 2011

Logical Cause

So.. as I may or may not have mentioned in a post a while ago.. some updates were installed, and I upgraded to the new flash/shockwave..and then Ustream stopped working. Live and recorded video just refused to play, even though it was supposedly loaded..a simple black screen is all that was presented. The chat module crapped out too, but that happens regularly enough I ignored it.
Turns out, ustream is randomly not working for a lot of people..and it's not limited to IE8 as I had thought.
Ustream wasn't the only site that didn't work for me.. and various games on Crackbook(facebook) didn't work.. so after trying to down-grade back to what I had didn't work, I installed google Chrome, and crackbook worked again, but none of the streaming media sites that I normally would frequent.

After a bit of searching, yeah.. weird. It turns out, no browser is immune to this BS, as IE 7 and 8 were junking it, as well as Mozilla FireFox 4.+ and Chrome as well. What's annoying is that it appears to be a completely random happenstance, though, given that computer programs are completely code-based things (therefore, somewhat logical), there's bound to be a root to this mess. Kill/Fix the root, get rid of the mess.
What really bothers me about this is that I can visit various anime-streaming sites and have perfect video and sound.

So.. I can think of only one truly rational, logical cause of this thing:
Magneto's messing with the intangible electrical fields from up on Asteroid M again.

Yeah, makes as much sense as whatever reasons other folks are coming up with, other than that Ustream has been going downhill at a rocketball's pace for a while now.

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