Thursday, March 17, 2011

Music + Drinking + Drawing =


Ahh, itunesDJ, how much you suck that I can just click a song and have it create an itunesDJ list from it.. sure, itunes `genius` will do that.. but only if the bloody thing can recognize the genre of a song. And sometimes it won't do that even when the song info is already input into the ..database?..that keeps the songs where itunes likes'em.

Anyhow.. was listening to Digital Underground, specifically The Packet Man song..and this came to mind..
quite the polite chemical pusher, if you listen to the song.
And a great idea.. wonder why it's not been invented yet. ..oh, right.. nobody's been able to successfully have the exact same thing happen to everyone in any given test-group when trying psychotropic medicines.
Silly brains.. keeping us from unreal drugs.. ah well. Probably for the best 8P

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