Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old ideas

When I was younger, I loved the game Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
It had so many elements of books and movies and ideas and creations that I'd never heard of or seen, and lead me to want to learn about them. The 4 Fiends of the Elements, for example, were based off of different mythologies and such, hindu, mayan, romanian.. all sorts of worldly influences made it into that game, and really, brought it together in such as awesome thing.

So while I'm on a lil kick about dragons.. it makes me smile to see so many different iterations of them.. there's the traditional English Dragons, squat, four-legged, winged, fire-breathing beasts.. the serpentine Chinese Dragons and similarly-styled yet very different Japanese and `asian` dragons.. Indian Dragons are really neat.. the Aztecs(I think) had feathered versions...and really, just from those few examples above, you could create some really cool designs.

The bible talks about dragons, alludes to the Devil being a dragon, among other things...various role-playing books have dragons as player-characters that are shape-shifters of all things.

Dragons are typically viewed as 'bad'.. but sometimes someone goes the other route and portrays them as 'good'.. or a kind of grudgingly-bad-character, like in the movie How to Train your Dragon (so misleading with that title.. there was no dragon training to speak of..though 'how to survive a dragon' might be more suitable)

Anyhow.. here's a multi-winged beastie.. uncoiling into the.. whatever that is that I've done for the background.

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