Saturday, March 19, 2011

A rough cover

I've been slowly dragging things from my head and putting them to (digital) paper.
One thing I've always loved about comics, and then seeing a GOOD movie adaptation of a comic, is that comics are snapshots of a sequence. Moments in time of movements, and good comics can easily have your brain filling in the missing visual segments.
Eventually, I'll be putting it all to real paper, in the form of paperback, perhaps.
Still deciding if I want to go the printed route or the webcomic style first. Not sure. Each side has it's own costs, positives and negatives... the biggest negative right now is it's coming out of my pocket, and my pockets are pretty damned shallow right now. Starting to wonder if I'm cursed, or if I should scrounge a couple bucks together and start playing the lottery. Seriously.. something's gotta give here, I need that `break` about 3 months ago.

You know the 'break'.. you hear about it in the news, or read it in the paper, or hear about it from a friend who does one or both of the first options. Buddyguy(or gal) is out of work for X-months, nothing in the area, can't afford to go to another area, down on their luck, things are pretty damned bleak.. and then whammo!! Amazing job offer, or they win the lottery, or.. some kind of miracle break from their ditch-digger's bum of a situation.

Anyhow.. this is a rough(very rough) idea of an inside-cover for what I'm working on:

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