Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's got feet!

Two things I'm not so great at drawing..and here they are : women, and feet.

For some reason, feet are just really weird to me. Hard to draw.. and if you ever look at them, they really are kind of bizarre, how they attach and meet the rest of the leg, how they can twist and turn and curl..and generally look unnatural.

I started off wanting to draw Spider-Woman after reading something Brian Michael Bendis wrote about the character.. but it turned into Harley Quinn again.
Not that I have anything against Harley Quinn..

This took all of a half-hour to quick sketch out, and then slap the watercolours across with some impressionist-brush dashing around the edge, faded in the middle.

But I'm thinking a small "yay, me" is in order.. doodling up a woman in a weird pose(hanging from knees, upon the flying trapeze. Rhymage!) and not just a woman, but feet as well!
I did the feet based on how I hold myself up in a position like that - by tensing my feet and angling them to they're like hooks that can catch the rope if I slip. Given the usually carefree/less attitude of Harley, it doesn't quite seem right, but hey, it's another challenge to draw, so, why not?

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