Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simplicity itself

Ok.. today was very.. just ..yeah.
I could punch somebody, that's how mad I am with a broken system that has no accountability to it and no repercussions if they screw up, other than the people who's lives they ruin, that they're supposed to be helping.

And I am hoping there's a really simple explanation for all this aggrevation, and even if there is, nothing will be done about stopping it from happening again.. and again.. and again. Damn them.

I got home and slept for a few hours.. more than I wanted to. Wanted a simple maybe-hour-long nap..and woke up multiple-hours later. Probably needed the sleep, but still.

There's a really simple trick, and if it's done well, it's noticeable and nice, and if it's done right, it's downright elegant. I think I can do it alright.. and while I have some other photos I could use instead, I think I'll just use this videogame reference.

Sometimes, it is the simple things that make things seem...better.

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