Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Struggling sucks.
It really does.. mostly because it quite blatantly points out something that one is not inherently good at.

I'm reminded of my short time in the military and one thing we were often told during basic : Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Okay.. if pain is weakness leaving the body.. what's the mental equivalent? What's the creative equivalent?

So I'm thinking...

Struggling is talent taking shape.

And you can quote me on that. (because it's nice to be given recognition for something that's your own)

Example: I suck at drawing women..and boobs.
But I try..because I'll never develop any talent with it if I don't push on through the entire suckage-of-suckity-suck-suck that is the starting-out and refining process.

I have a very deep affection for Bruce Timm's Harley Quinn. The line work, the simplicity..there's a bizarre seductiveness to the character. The man's got talent..but I'm certain that at some point, he had to learn how to draw boobs..how the things behave under a sweater, a blanket, a loose shirt, a tight shirt, really seem to escape me at times, which is so honkin frustrating, because really, they're simple.
I could cheat and draw a bum on a girl's torso and have it look almost the same.. but I know that's cheating (to me)...besides.. almost the same is not the same.

Anyhow.. here's a slap-dash and completely unfinished (despite the watercolouring) Harley catching you catching her...

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