Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Post

Normally I wouldn't post on the weekend...but yesterday(saturday) and today(sunday) have been so abysmally boring and just.. blah.. I decided to get some sketching done.

No time limit on this one..though it didn't take me long..maybe 4 songs? (so that could easily be between 15-30 minutes. Some of the songs I have are less than 2 minutes, while others go as long at 17 minutes..but none of the long ones played, so I'm estimating about 25 minutes.)

Just a simple attempt at some shading, with a light-source from off-scene, behind the character in-view's focus (not behind them from the viewer's point).

The watercolour is helping me to have a lighter-touch.. using 3 colours only, but the black, a light touch gives me the shades of gray I want.

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