Sunday, March 27, 2011

Variant #2

There's a couple things I hate about my creative process.

The first is that a lot of ideas come to me when I'm trying to sleep. My general attitude at the time is "^$!# off and let me sleep, brain!".. but only if something really keeps niggling at me, will I write the idea down.
Which is bad. Because a lot of good ideas get tossed away out of hand and they could've been great ideas had they seen the light of day... of course, a lot of ideas that, upon being put into the light, tend to show themselves as weird, stupid and useless.

Anyhow.. another thing I hate about my creative process is, I'll get an idea, sketch it out, polish it up, and half the time the polished version doesn't seem as good as the quick-sketch rough draft. Or, I'll want to do variations on it, but not seem to be able to break the mould and do something actually different with it.

So, this being the 2nd FF blank-cover I'm doing for the great Lar deSouza, I wanted to do something a little different than the previous one, but still in the same vein. I think I hit it ok.. except that my marker I use for shading died out on my when I was almost done, so I wound up using a coloured one (Lar asked for B&W)..thankfully, the colour is light and blends in well enough.

These'll get mailed out tomorrow once I'm done doing a little side-project with a friend.
I really need to get a proper scanner.. taking photos, even with a tripod and macro-enabled features, always leaves the image blurry..and colouring them is.. well, it's a chore that I think would be made easier if it wasn't a .jpg file. Wish I could force my camera to take camera-raw files, but it's not an option.

Now.. while this is still fresh news, I want to weigh in with my opinion : This whole fiasco with this rob granito shyster? This pisses me off. Anyone stealing the work of another and calling it their own and making money on it will always piss me off. I'm not mad about that though.. because I'm not a victim of this douche. What has me angry is that now, this community of creative people will be more paranoid than before, making it that much harder for guys like me, who from the time of being little and loving comics to wanting to get into it and make a living doing something they love instead of making a living doing something that pays the bills.. that really bugs me.

I became aware of this crap via a tweet by SotoColor (who, if memory serves, is Chris Sotomayer, amazing colourist!) and just.. yeah. But you can't just blame this granito goofball.. you also have to lay blame with the lackadaisical checking of the various Convention-Holders who gave up space, not just artist-alley space, we're talking good prime retail space in the conventions, to this wannabe. Anyone can paint-by-numbers, and if you look at the work, that's what this guy has done. Below is an example of some really lazy painting.. because I put the file into Corel Painter Essentials 4, clicked `photo painting`, selected the paper type, brush type, border and then clicked `start`, to have it auto-paint the thing. It's one thing to homage someone, or do a derivitive(if allowed)...but to outright swipe, copy, and call it yours? Douchebaggery is afoot!
The only real credit you can give this guy is that he took the time to steal someone's work, then paint-by-numbers the thing onto paper/canvas/stock and sign it. But a douchebag is a douchebag is a douchebag, and it's about damned time this guy got called-on-the-carpet for his douchebaggery.

So.. yeah. Here's the image, which is quite similar to the one on his portfolio page, except I've been more honest about mine. ..and no, I'm not going to link to the site, you can google it yourself if you're really curious. Apprently, the fella who made the site is leaving it up so that people that this granito has ripped off can be notified and see what's been done to their work.

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