Saturday, March 26, 2011

Variety of Variants

I would imagine this is something that drives completist-collectors nuts.
Variant Covers for issues of comics or graphic novels or whatever. (usually comics, from my limited experience).

And then something super-fun happens.. the Blank-Cover-Variant arrives.

The 4thWall up in Montreal had a thing a while ago, where you could buy a blank-cover comic, do your cover, and then they had an auction for them, if, I remember, half the money going to the artist, the other half going to a charity.

I didn't have the funds at the time to buy any blank-covers to participate in, which was a bummer.. but I managed to pick up a blank-cover a couple days ago, and plan on sending it to the <a href="">4thWall</a> honcho <a href="">Jeff Moss</a>.

One thing I kind of like about nobody following my blog, and the limited readers that read it is.. I can share with you my art, thoughts, and plans of things, without spoiling (to my knowledge) the fun for the people I'm plotting against/to/for/whatever. Yeah, plotting. Because sometimes, plotting is more fun than planning. I think the only real difference is that plotting has negative-connotations to it.

Anyhow, here's what you get to see, and Mr.Moss will get to see in a few weeks via the mail. I'll be doing a different one for <a href="">Lar deSouza</a> in a little while.

After some simple pencils, I used a Micron 03 & 08, Copic Sketcher C3 Gray, 001 Black and a Copic Ciao 001 Black. All freehand.
Not to spoil anything, but I really miss the days where a comic's cover gave you a hint as to what was inside it, not some generalized over-arching storyline crap. Anymore, covers smack of bait&switch, with only the thinnest of threads attached to the storyline.
Blank-Cover comics can't fool you into buying it with a pretty picture, which is actually refreshing.
And yes, I flip through a comic before deciding to buy it, or put it back, but I don't read the thing.. it's a freakin Comic Shoppe, not a Library, afterall.

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