Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I hate allergies.
Most of mine are seasonal, and some are specific.
Ragweed, pollen, grass... chalk dust, penicillin, smoke, idiots. Allergic to them all.

I noticed the sniffles a couple days ago. Hoped I had more time before they attacked in force, but my time's run out.

Normally, I'll down an Aerius or two, and be good for about half a work-day.
Oh yeah... guess I forgot to mention I have some weird near-immunity to most drugs.
One summer, baling hay, I went through an entire box of Claritin Extra Strength in an afternoon, just to get the job done.

Sinutab, Allegra D and Claritin are usually good for a few hours, especially if I'm active. But if I'm sitting at a computer, or working where I have to have my head tilted forward or down, I'm sunk. So far, Aerius is the only thing that really works for most scenarios I find myself in, and even though it's supposed to be a 12 or 24hour pill, I'm still only good for at-most 8hours. Better than nothing though.

So.. here's how I'm feeling:

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