Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend is almost over.

I'm a firm believer in that, if you're of a certain religious choice, then celebrate those religious holidays. And yes, Atheism is a religion, if religion is agreed to be a belief-system(tehcnically, so is science, by that argument). But don't go pushing it on others, and don't go trying to change a country's history or annual celebrations because you don't like it.

Warning: Harsh language and, golly! logic, coming your way.

For more than a century, Canada has celebrated Easter and Christmas and it's been Merry Christmas and all about the Easter Eggs / Easter Bunny.
And some assholes in the last 30 years have decided they don't like it, and to become the very very vocal minority about it. Well fine, don't celebrate it, and shut the fuck up. Don't say Merry Christmas, don't hide Easter Eggs, don't decorate and shut the fuck up.
Nobody forces you to get a christmas tree, or to buy chocolate eggs or dress up as a rabbit or eat candy canes or any other socially-accepted super-mangled "judeo-christian" holiday.
1) They ain't christian holidays. Pine Trees, Snowmen, Tinsel, Eggnog, Bunnies, Candies, Winter and Spring Equinoxes and Eggs have nothing to do with Christian beliefs. So shut the fuck up.

Nobody makes a big deal about anyone celebrating Ramadan or Rumspringa or Ash Wednesday or Chanukah.. Hanukkah?..I don't remember how to spell the Jewish Holiday properly. Dreidel! Anyhow.
Nobody makes a big stink about people celebrating these holidays, or traditions.
But for the last decade or so, there's been an ever-growing stink about saying `merry christmas`, as if it was like telling to, I don't know, shut the fuck up. People get offended by someone wishing them a merry christmas? Grow some thicker skin, you waste of life. How offended are people if you wish them a Happy Hanukkah?
I don't know how or why this made the news, not like Yahoo! ever has any *real* news to begin with, but apparently some dipshit-teacher is trying to get their class to call Easter Eggs "spring spheres".
Uh..hmm. Ok.. Eggs are ovoid-shaped, not spherical. I seriously hope this teacher gets a good reprimanding or disbarring for this kind of miseducation of the kiddies. At least the kids knew what they were - Easter Eggs.

Seriously.. This bothers me - any religious holiday is acceptable to celebrate, except the ones that society views as christian, even if the thing ain't christian. It shouldn't bother me, but in a world that very loudly demands it's equality and fairness for all(but the majority), it's easily accepted to bash the shit out of something that isn't even what people think it is!
You want's a shot at equality. Only card-carrying members of Religion-X get to take that day/week/weekend off with pay, but they have to show their card and be in good standing with their church/sect/mosque/temple/cult/whatever. And everyone else just goes to work like regular. Now that's fair and equitable, isn't it? Let the religious folks take their religious days and observe them, and everyone who doesn't like it can just go about their usual work-day or weekend like normal.

And for the people that don't want to wish someone a Merry Christmas, go Hunting for Easter Eggs, and get upset and "offended" at things such as those... please.. shut the fuck up and move to another country.


I've probably posted this somewhere before, but I spent more time experimenting with some markers on a generic(yet acrylic-primed) here's this..and I'll make something tomorrow, which is fitting, as the last day in the Easter Long Weekend.

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