Friday, April 29, 2011


So, there's a bunch of user-made contests over on
I enter some of them.. not many because I don't check in very often.

The thing below is my entry for the contest with the theme of `big ears`.
Originally, the idea was a hound-dog with it's head out a truck window, ears flapping back in the wind..but it turned into this cloud-soaring, rivet-winged-rocket-rider instead.

Ahh, friday. Had some authentic sushi tonight.. what makes it authentic? Well, for starters, I could watch the chef making it, picking some of the fish out of an aquarium, so I knew it was fresh, for one thing. For another, there was no `all you can eat` option, and I wasn't given an option of cold sake. It was hot, the way it's supposed to be. Now, I'm no gourmand or king-high-mighty-know-it-all about the culture or the cultures around Japan, but I was kind of bothered by the obviously-still-in-college(university, which is really damned sad) kids that came in and started asking for specific korean food. (the kids were white, so I suppose some leeway in their ignorance is necessary)

Nothing against korean food or anything, but come on you university-P.h.dickeads. it says SUSHI on the front. Sushi is the stereotypical Japanese food in the western-world.  *shrug* The more the world integrates, the more this kind of stupidity is going to abound.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

It's friday..and normally I'd be watching Lar deSouza do his thing, except for that last few months ustream's been incredibly, ignorantly stupid. No videos will play, nothing loads, and the chat module fails every time as well. Ustream and are the same for me, and yet, I can stream most any other site with no problems.
I've been told it's a problem on my end, and it clearly is - I want to watch things using their service.[PROBLEM!]
And yet, there's others out there, same configuration as I'm running, and no problems.

Had to wipe my roommate's harddrive because she somehow picked up the Vista Total Protection Virus, and it had corrupted some root-keys. After a wipe & fresh re-install.. she can watch ustream and all the no problems.. all the flash and shockwave are updated, browser's updated.. again, same configuration I'm using. She can watch stuff on her laptop won't do dick all.
But that's fine..

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