Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As a kid, I liked watching the Godzilla flicks. They weren't on tv very often, but when they were (usually around halloween), to me, they were a treat.

Now, while my love of an actor in a foam-rubber suit smashing miniatures and "fighting"(flailing, more like it) other men in rubber suits with the occasional giant puppet on strings remains with me to this day, it is in no way comparible to that of one Mr. Paul Tobin. This is the same man who once wanted to see Godzilla take over Stephen Strange's role as Sorcerer Supreme.
I recently tweeted at Mr.Tobin about acquiring the rights to his tweets in exchange for fan-art of the `Godzilla & (insert item)` nature. Mr.Tobin responded with Godzilla & Herbie the Love Bug.

After looking at some reference material, it seems the old Herbie was actually a light cream-colour, and the newer incarnations of him (from the 80s on, I think.. I could easily be wrong on this) are a stark white.

Now, while I don't really want the rights to Mr.Tobin's tweets, the entire exchange was brought about by an interesting, if absurd moment on twitter about someone selling the rights to their tweets to someone else, or some such nonsense that went in through the ocular-orbs and was promptly discarded.

So, here's the 1st part of my making-good-on said fan-art, with a mild homage to Monty Python.

I plan on doing some more of this combo, I'm just not sure which direction I want to take it in yet.

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