Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Multi-projects Pt.2

So I've decided that, while unemployed, I am going to start taking a day a week just for me.
Well, not really. More like, for me to work on my portfolio, and artistic pursuits.

I've chosen Friday as My-Day. So, I'll get up, do my normal job-hunt stuff, and then spend the rest of the day fueling the ol' creative furnace and see what doesn't get belched out the smokestack, as it were.

I've been helping an old boss / pal for a couple weeks, mostly in the morning, do some odd jobs.
When he asked why I wasn't available Friday, I explained to him that Friday is `portfolio work day`.
He mocked me.
Now, normally, I would respond in-kind.. but instead, my snarky-retort came out more sincere and sad than snarky.
I asked him what he wanted to be as a kid, when he grew up.
The typical `fireman, policeman, space-guy` answer came forth. (My pal is very much a macho-kinda guy, so it makes sense). Now here is where I expected my snarky retort to come out, both-barrels and full-swing..yet it came out rather sad instead - "Why did you give up on your dream?"

His response that he can't really see himself doing anything other than what he does now is a full-mix of admiration, comfort, sadness and horror. It's comforting to know a man enjoys(more or less) what he does, comforting to know he's settled into it as a career(which is rare nowadays), saddening because how could you not see yourself doing other things?, and horrific(to me) because having that lack of self-expansion, of being comfy in your bird-cage, as it were, means never flying and tasting new fruits.

Still, I have to chase my dream. HAVE TO. It's nice that I want to, because I HAVE TO. If I stopped doodling, drawing, and creating worlds in my head, it's because I've either died, or had severe head trauma that's basically made me someone who isn't me...and screw that noise, right? I'm gonna be me until I die.

On that note, a compatriot to the roughsketch of yesterday (same world):

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